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It’s Hump Day … middle of the week again!

How are you holding up?!  The world is swirling with an intriguing air of change …  One group of Cubans who live in this country are celebrating the “death of a dictator” – Fidel Castro – while other Cubans in Cuba show a sense of sadness as they participate in a “mandated 9 days of mourning” there in Havana … for the death of the same man – Fidel Castro.  While Castro’s 83 year old sister, Juanita, says she doesn’t celebrate the death of “anyone”, she has always been in opposition to her “older brother” – Fidel Castro.  In fact she says that she wished her brothers, Raul and Fidel, would ” …. open the doors of the Cuban country, giving women and dissidents equal rights and an equal voice with a more democratic government …”.

Meanwhile, back in the US of A, a new “chain letter of hate” has been being distributed in various Muslim communities and mosques across this country, a most notable one arriving here in South Florida.  The letter basically speaks to the author(s) belief that Muslim people are “demons” and their mothers are “whores and prostitutes” and suggesting that they leave the country now since “they” – the supporters of this anti-Muslim attitude – are following the lead of president elect, Donald Trump!  The interesting phenomena is that the Muslim gentleman who received and read the letter sent to a prominent mosque in Miami is a veteran of the United States Army.  He stated, “To think that I defended idiots like this so that they could practice so-called freedom of speech!”  The attack on the campus of Ohio State by a purported Muslim student whom ISIS is claiming is one of “their brothers” has added an additional spin to the growing anti-Muslim sentiment in this country!  “Land of the free … home of the brave …” …. “with freedom and justice for ALL!”  Hmmpppfff …

Just wanted to take this opportunity to wish a friend whom I have never met personally, (almost did at the 40th Reunion of the Class of ’76 of Princeton University!), Dr. Karen Hurley most recently teaching psychiatry and treating clients in New York City who have had challenges related to cancer, a grand new beginning at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, OH.  Karen is also a huge fan of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavalier’s NBA team … How cool is that?!?  Karen has become a “cyber space” friend who has shown support of my writing and even given assignments to some of her students surrounding the “Black Lives Matter” movement … Karen is not “black” but can clearly see the inconsistencies in the treatment of African Americans who have become entangled in the criminal justice system of this country …  Thank you Dr. Hurley, and I am wishing you continued success!  Namaste

Many of you know that I offer to remove “you” from my list of readers if you feel that I am “too far off base” for you!  I am offering again.  Occasionally, I remove folks who ask to be removed for whatever reason(s) … I don’t ask.  Less often, I remove people from the reading list that don’t seem to have “basic knowledge” of me and what I am trying to do.  They may reply to me in a most ignorant and hostile attack mode to my writings.  I always ask them to post something … their thoughts about my thoughts … on my blog page as they attempt to insult and attack me for my beliefs and my words, which they OFTEN don’t even understand … so that some of you and others who read the blog may respond to “his” stupidity … yep, I said it … and I am still not judging … just describing a person’s tendency in replies to some of my posts.  I don’t need anyone else’s ignorance and hostility directed at me when they don’t have the courage to post their thoughts so some of my readers, supporters and admirers can put this person “in his place”, as we both know would happen.  So, after repeated requests to post something public and the reader’s refusal to do so, I remove them!  Put simply, let me know if you would like to be removed.

In closing, I merely suggest that we keep an open mind on things but don’t let “ignorance” … “selective ignorance” … become a way of life for you!  Try to keep peace in your thoughts and actions and embrace the diversity of humanity!


John I. Cook, Director

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