Families, Friends and Thanksgiving



Happy Hump Day … and … Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, after fall sets in and the trees lose leaves and the temperatures drop, we have entered the core of the “holy days”, if you will.  Thanksgiving followed by Christmas … even … then New Year’s.  So, it is a time for families to try to renew their bonds, try to come together under the same roof and living room and dining room and give thanks for having the opportunity to enjoy such a Thanksgiving Feast!  That is the standard … that is the norm … as we see on many television commercials for Publix Supermarkets!  Most are done in good taste … no pun intended!  Others rely on presents of turkeys and fixin’s to adorn their otherwise “humble homes” at Thanksgiving!

Well, I just wanted to say that if I have offended any of the readers of my e-mails and blog posts where I showed little appreciation for the “president elect” Trump, it is not designed to challenge our friendships.  I can tell you that some friends of mine, even former students, are Trump supporters!  If you are a Trump supporter, hopefully, we can still be friends.  Just yesterday, I walked into an Office Depot and a long time Latina friend of mine from New York who usually helps me with copies of documents surprised me with her support of Trump.  I was just telling her that I was planning on traveling abroad during my retirement … especially since Trump won the election.  She asked me if I would give him a chance and I told her “yes”, but I don’t trust his judgement when it comes to ethnic minorities in this country, nor his judgement when it comes to “women”.  She switched gears on me and said, “Those people that keep saying that Trump is not their president better stop and realize that he IS their president!”  I was shocked … because here is not only a woman .. but a Hispanic woman … from New York.  Trump blatantly discriminated against ethnic minorities in New York City where he started his real estate ventures some years ago.  Now, it is okay if you want to support someone like that, though I don’t agree!  Now … let’s be clear … no one has to agree with ME in order for me to wake up in the morning and still be the most tenacious,  peaceful and humble warrior you’ve ever met!  As we used to say back in the day, “Don’t sleep on me!” … translation: “Don’t think that I am stupid because I am peaceful!”

So, don’t let your political differences ruin your Thanksgiving Celebrations nor create conflict amongst friends and family members!  Just remember that if the chips are down, not one president nor senator will come to your aid … just saying.  Perhaps, you can count more on a family member or friend to assist you in an emergency or time of need.  I’ve heard a new term this year … “Friends-giving” … which I believe is today or the night before Thanksgiving when friends get together to enjoy the start of the four-day weekend.  I have many friends … occasionally one or two who like to take pot shots at my education and what they “think” I know … light weight “chumps” … and we don’t always agree.  I have grown to understand that people don’t always have to agree with each other in order to be friends.  While I don’t take too kindly to people who attack my thoughts, I can still tolerate them and usually treat them like psychiatric patients or “children” in some instances, though they may have the age of an adult!!  So, in the event that someone … friend or family member seeks to turn your Thanksgiving festivities into more political aftermath … don’t play into it … treat them like a patient and try to change the subject, if possible.

While the history of Thanksgiving is not something that many people believe is a real “holy day”, take the time to enjoy both friends and family!



John I. Cook, Director

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