“This Too Shall Pass . . .” – Loosen up!



Happy Friday, All …

It’s been one of those weeks for me … everyone in the office where I work is sick.  I don’t want to … can’t get sick nor miss days from work because we don’t get sick days … ever!!  So, I am one of the few folks in the office who is NOT sick … thank you God …

The world is in upheaval and transition and there’s not much any one can do.  Now, groups can effect change, and groups are made up of individuals …  So, as a united effort, people can change the world!  Often, I find myself reflecting on my earlier years, remembering things and people that are important to me … and who give me life!  I have adopted a “way of thinking about me and my life” that is based on my experiences, knowledge, challenges and successes.  Each of us is different, some of our journeys are similar.  Yet, there are a variety of realities in our world today … choose wisely … and for me, comfortably.  One has to deal with their own pride and their egos, their humility and self esteem.  Our world has people in it who have different perceptions, depending on what they believe in!  This is the challenge when one encounters another person who has experienced different things from another person and, in turn, may have developed a different set of values and priorities.  For example, you have Trumps in the world as well as Obamas.  There are teachers and there are students.  I find it rather fulfilling when I can figure my way out of a challenging situation to which I may have well contributed.  Some people like to enjoy life while others feel better creating discord and confusion in their midst … and anywhere else they can.  There are folks who seek to get along with others as well as those who try to demoralize, criticize and destroy others!  Some of us “humans” are amongst the most dangerous animals on the planet.

There are givers … like folks who give away food and help create positive feelings for those who don’t have either …  There are “takers” of every opportunity to put someone else down while hiding their own low self esteemed creature away inside  themselves as they spout insults on the world and others, just to try to  make themselves feel better.  There are folks who can’t be alone or stay quiet for an extended period of time and there are still others who know how to balance the “world’s experiences” as they are … both the positive and the negative … and still feel comfortable about themselves as they coexist with others.  Then there are those humans who have to dominate and control others in order to feel as if they are more important than another fellow human being … who quite often is innocent.  There was a story in the local news last night with an overweight kid who works at Publix and pays for a small apartment that he has his mother there living with him.  So, BAM!  Miami Beach Police bang on and destroy the front door of the apartment, storming in with hazmat masks and gear, rifles drawn … handcuffing the Latino young man who works at Publix and even slapped cuffs on his elderly mother!!!  They said the raid was set for that apartment because they had confirmed that a guy had a heroin laboratory in the apartment and was processing the heroin for sale!  The cops busted the walls and ceilings, cut open his and his mother’s mattresses looking for heroin … threw clothes out of the closets onto the floor … left nothing untouched or unturned … and found N.O.T.H.I.N.G.!!!  Didn’t apologize nor offer compensation.  When asked why they did this to this 30-something year old Latino young man who works for Publix and his mother, they responded that they had the correct apartment and were looking for a guy who the tenant who paid rent there with his mother NEVER heard of …. the young Latino man’s name was not even on the warrant!!!!

Imagine if that were you … or me!!  I have learned to believe that I can loosen up when things get tense, work through the challenge … perhaps not with perfection, but indeed with dignity!  I remember Dr. King’s cry, “We shall overcome … some day!”  Woody Allen once said, “Ride loosely in the saddle of life …” ’cause it certainly gets bumpy sometimes!  Spirituality saves me from becoming overly obsessed with material things as it it something that is as mysterious as it is powerrful.  That God-child that dwells with in us, should we decide to nurture it, offers us peace and harmony as we pursue our lives.
Have a great weekend and enjoy the journey!
John I. Cook, Director

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