Happy Veteran’s Day – 2016



Happy Friday All!

Yep!  After the elections took place, I had many many NIGHTMARE’S!!!  Just kidding!!  Are you still reading?  Don’t worry, I am just “joking around” with you all!  But, I wanted to share a few observations.

The electoral college thing … Am I missing something??  The majority of individual people, also called “citizens”, in this country exercise their right to have an individual vote THAT COUNTS individually … when selecting the president of the country that I live in called a democracy … rule by the people … not the electoral college.  Somebody help me out … I must be missing something … and this isn’t the first time that this has happened in our recent history.  Somebody write me back and tell me what I am missing.  Can this “institution” called the “electoral college” which is “man made” be changed by … humans?!?  What am I missing?!  I almost feel disenfranchised but of course, since I taught and studied American history, I was wondering if I missed something that makes this thing unchangeable!

Last Sunday, November 6th, was the anniversary of my mother’s passing, … this Sunday past when I met up with some friends at the Jazz Brunch held outdoors every first Sunday in Ft. Lauderdale from 11am – 2pm at the Main Esplanade on the New River in the downtown area.  Yes, I had a great time chatting with a good friend originally from Mt. Vernon, NY and his wife.   We met up here in Ft. Lauderdale when I first came here over 20 years ago.  Ray and Pearl Campbell have become great friends … just like family, they remember my mother when she was alive ’cause me and my ex-wife Simona and my mother with Ray and his wife and daughter went out on an electric boat on the New River.  It was a gift of another friend who helped me launch Educational Excellence’s media presence – Steve McCrae.  We had a fantastic time, too …. fond memories of Marietta Dolores … RIP.

So, it’s Veteran’s Day, y’all … a very important day for a country like ours that depends on its military presence in the world for our power, so to speak, and security.  The rest of the world … is watching … and … some of these “leaders” do not hesitate to imitate America, use the same technology and science to do the same things!!!!  We have been challenged and tested as a nation many times  over.  “War is hell!” … and it’s “hard” … many don’t return alive!  I have some dear friends who served …and came back alive … thank you, Coach Maurice Blake, John Young, Kelvin Carey, Brian Reed … I think David Stokes, too!  Now, if I missed you and you  are one of my regular recipients, let me know that you served!  It is a big deal … to make it home alive!!  Thank you All who served!!  Celebrate Veteran’s Day!


John I. Cook, Director

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