So . . . Now What?!?



It’s Hump Day … Day after Election Day … and what a “Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!!!”, in my best Gomer Pyle voice!

Hmmmmm …  Now, I know I wasn’t the ONLY person surprised by the outcome of the Presidential Election last night.  I only worry about what “mistakes” he might make based on his “low value” life style.  His views on women as well as his purported behavior towards women didn’t seem to phase a lot of Americans … It is as if many Americans who voted for Trump accept his philosophy of what a “man can do to a woman … especially if he is a star!”  Are we as Americans … again, those who voted for him … embracing this same philosophy?!?  Now that he has won, what can we expect in regards to his plan to immediately get rid of the “Affordable Health Care Act”?  When can we expect this wall between the USA’s southern border and Mexico to be built … and who is going to pay for it?!?

With all of the events involving the killings of “unarmed African American males” and Trump’s “unspoken” position on these type of events, what can we expect him to do about them?  What position will he take if and when future events of such police involved killings of African American men continue to unfold in America during his administration?  What will he say to Trayvon Martin’s mother and father and what position will he take as POTUS with events like these taking place in “the land of the free, the home of the brave”?

I went to see “Birth of a Nation” this past Sunday evening … and I went alone and paid close attention to nearly every detail that I remembered from my days of teaching that part of “American History” at White Plains High School.  The curriculum depicted Nat Turner as an evil man who sought to free himself, while the movie showed the events surrounding Turner’s transition into an early version of a “freedom seeker” in the face of the horrors of slavery.  The poor white planters who depended on cotton, as depicted by Nate Parker, went to horrific extremes to dehumanize the slaves to the point of submission and servitude with NO self-esteem, except for that self-esteem that came from “the love of God”, as the traveling preacher, Nat Turner, went from plantation to plantation to placate the under fed and over abused slaves.  The women were beaten and raped by these poor white planters as did a “band of poor crackers” who came upon Nat’s wife as she was alone and drew water for the plantation owner … and was unable to produce a pass … since she was on the plantation owner’s property in the first place!  The savagery displayed by these poor white planters was horrific and should not be tolerated by even the lowliest of animals, not to mention, human beings … yes, African slaves were indeed “human beings”!  The attitudes of poor whites in many places today resemble that of their “forefathers” ….

So, what now … that we have a POTUS whose claim to fame is “taking the White House B.A.C.K.” … and I wonder from whom, if he considers us ALL to be Americans … including members of the Democratic Party and President Barack Obama whom Trump tried to ridicule and criticize at every step along his campaign stops.    We also know that all of this nonsense started back when Trump questioned Obama’s citizenship and education as he prepared to run for POTUS eight years ago.  I can only say that I hope and pray that Trump does indeed tone down his hostilities toward ethnic minorities and the living conditions imposed on many by the institutions of American society ranging from discrimination in the workplace to the deterioration of the cities where many ethnic minorities have been forced to call “home”!

I guess … we’ll have to wait and see … as well as see where we can get involved to make positive changes!

Have a great day …


John I. Cook, Director

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