Welp! Transparency ….



Happy Friday, y’all …. ALL y’all!  T.G.I.F.!!

Have you ever heard the expression:  “Everything in New York just ain’t what it seems!!”  It starts, “New York, New York … Big city of dreams!!!  But everything in New York … just ain’t what it seems!”  Lending some clarity for folks who believe everything they see … and what someone tells them … despite seeing some tell-tale signs of discrepancies!!  Use your brain!!

I have seen people start to use the term “welp” a lot lately … and I like it!  It is kind of a cross between well and help, right?!  Almost like people are saying, “Well, there is not much I can do about this … but … help!”  Whether we like to believe it or not, we are often heavily influenced by the environment we grow up in as well as how … and if … we are nurtured in that environment.   While my father was a big disciplinarian, my mother was the nurturer.  He made sure that we knew the rules in his home, and my mother made sure that we knew that they both loved us … unconditionally.  I have absorbed both characteristics and even been able to add a few “virtues” of my own.

Have you ever spoken to someone and heard them change subjects, points of view … even conflicting beliefs in one simple conversation?!?  Confusing, right?  It is hard for me to trust people like that, let a lone listen to them for too long.  Everything is everybody else’s fault and … if you didn’t know better, one might think that this person is a cross between Jesus and Einstein!!  Personally, I don’t try to know everything nor pretend that I do.  If I don’t know something, I am pretty straight forward in expressing that I lack that knowledge.  I try not to pretend … with anything or anybody … especially myself.  Some folks go in so hard that they start to believe their own “untruths”!!  Scary even!!

Our world is terribly tainted with confusion and smoke screens ….  No one really wants to be known for whom they really are.  A “fisaude” comes out as quickly as fictitious words from ones mouth!  There is no transparency and one cannot build trust in such a person, and, quite truthfully, such persons are frightening to me!   “To be … or not to be … that is the question!”  Do you know yourself?  Do you think others are intelligent enough to see the true you?  Do you think that you can fool everyone … including yourself?!?  Welp, that’s insanity … in a nut shell … no pun intended!

I don’t like to talk negatively about people, and, I don’t like folks to speak negatively about me.  Yet, I would much rather know the truth than believe in a lie!  Simple transparency builds trust as well as sincere relationships.  Be the best that you can be … and “Know thyself”, please!  HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!


John I. Cook, Director

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