“Wherefore Art Thou?!?”



Happy Hump Day, y’all … and I’m serious about this, too!!

I have got to say this while I am thinking about it …  What I like most about life is it’s unpredictability!  It kind of keeps you guessing … kind of like Donald Trump, right?!  He will be in Bayfront Park in Miami today at noon while Hillary Clinton was in Ft. Lauderdale last night.   The director of the FBI seems to have broken protocol when he released a statement regarding more e-mails discovered purportedly involving Hillary Clinton, though it appears the e-mails pertain to former New York representative Anthony Weiner.  Of course, Trump’s new “party cry” is “change your vote” in states like Wisconsin and Minnesota and one other state he mentioned in one of his campaign stops in Wisconsin yesterday!!

Here of late, I have been thinking of my mother, who was an avid political organizer for the African American community in White Plains years ago during her prime … and my brother, Henry Charles Cook.  There is a location on I-95 where there is a cemetery where he was buried that has been vandalized and rebuilt somewhat, as multiple graves were destroyed when people drove cars and did “donuts” in this low income burial site in one of Ft. Lauderdale’s “‘hoods”, if you will.  As we approach Thanksgiving with Christmas on its heels, I have come to contemplate and meditate on the things I learned from my family growing up … including my big brother, “Hank”, as we used to call him. Nearly 20 years ago, he took his life … while sitting in his vehicle on Dania Beach here in Florida … hope you are resting in peace, big brother!  Since I have been here nearly 20 years, I have adopted a “big brother”, Robbie Williams, singer and entertainer to help fill that void.  He (Robbie) kind of reminds me of my brother “Hank” as he is tall and has a deep voice like “Hank”!  Special thanks to you Robbie Williams, and, I miss you “Big Brother Hank” and hope your soul is at peace!

My mother was always jovial and upbeat, even when times were rough.  I know that we caused her and my Dad some worries from time to time, as there were four of us siblings whom they raised in the Winbrook Projects in White Plains, NY … my hometown.  Mother Mary had certain expressions like “Where fore art thou?” when she wondered where I was when I managed to make that phone call to her after being late for my arrival at home.  We didn’t have cell phones then so I would call from the “house phone” of one of my childhood friend’s parents … like Henry Mc Cants or Darryl Jenkins, sometimes even from homes of friends who lived further, like Robert “Bobby” Schulman or Peter Zachary (RIP), both childhood friends of mine who lived in the Ridgeway section of White Plains, NY.  She, my mother, was always very caring, even for non-biological family members as well as extended family members.  I remember her words of encouragement, especially when I faced the most challenging times of my life!  I have incorporated her into my heart ..,. my life … my hopes and dreams!!  During these family oriented “holidays”, I remember them both, as well as my father, Isaac Henry Cook (RIP, y’all)!

Just some thoughts I wanted to share with you all … from the heart side … the inside, if you will!  Have a great rest of your week, and cherish your families … as best you can!


John I. Cook, Director

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