“Let There Be Light!!”



It’s Hump Day … Yeah!

Middle of the week, so to speak, halfway to the weekend … and it’s gonna be an interesting Halloween Weekend, too!  The interesting part will be to see how far people will go to find that costume that fits, perhaps, ones personality!!!  Some folks like to dress up real fancy … or sexy, like a French maid or a gorgeous police officer while others may enjoy more horrifying looks like a corpse or mummy … or someone with their face bloodied and marred!!!  Eeeeck!  Clown costumes have been banned in many places because there were many many incidents already of “clowns” lurking in local wooded areas of some communities … and attacked or frightened some of the community members to the point where local police were called!!!  So, be careful out there you “clowns”!

Our election for president of the United States of America has become nearly a “reality show” with the showmanship and lack of constraint exhibited by Donald Trump as well as the “presidential appearance” exhibited by Hillary Clinton.  We all know that there is more to this “event” than meets the eye …  As American politics have become tainted with lobby groups, special interest groups as well as seldom seen on the scene powerful people who control a lot more than we think!!  Is it the electoral college that will decide the election rather than “the popular vote”?!?  Local politicians are smearing each other depending on their affiliation with either Hillary or Trump and there is less honesty, transparency and truth fueling this election than ever!!  Everybody has their “take” on EVERYTHING, as it should be, but do we really have enough information to vote wisely?!?  I don’t know about you, but I remain steadfast in my disappointment in the candidates that we have to choose from.  I am experiencing more distrust of our polity, not to mention the politicians who will say anything about anyone for any reason … which appears as desperation to me!

The light of humanity has been lost nowadays between the greed and avarice that plagues our society.  The lust and desire for power and control of others … as opposed to control of ONESELF is being considered as a great accomplishment!  As a person who studied sociology and who remains extremely interested in psychology, though my thought processes and stream of consciousness often deviate from the established norms, I am finding our society very “ill” and unbalanced.  We are more concerned with “advancement” as opposed to keeping our world … planet Earth … clean and unaltered.  I often entertain the imagery associated with what we are doing to planet Earth … digging, drilling, exploding, testing, contaminating, burying things in the Earth and flying into outer space … Yet, we have little or no knowledge of our individual “inner space”!!  Supposing we were EACH to experience with our own bodies what we are doing to the Earth?!!  Is the Earth invincible??  Can we do anything we want to the Earth and expect it to remain the same … not blow up, or … collapse!!??  Does it matter … for the children?!?  What are we leaving for them to live on … the Earth?!?

I conclude … “Let there be light!!”  May we learn to “see” what we are doing to humanity … and the Earth … clearly!

John I. Cook, Director

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