Time For Some Changes . . . Maybe!



Happy Friday, All!

And I have to do it again … a hearty T.G.I.F.!

It is Friday … and nearly a full moon, if I am not mistaken!  The full moon still has often had an effect on me, and, now that I understand the “burst of energy” … I like it!  The moon is affecting the tides as there is some flooding in the Las Olas area of Broward… and more standing water in the Miami Beach area where a new Zika virus zone has been identified.  I hope P-Diddy’s “Revolt Music Conference” being held on Miami Beach isn’t affected!  Always something to deal with … both positive and negative – yin and yang!!

Well, first, I wanted to thank you guys in this e-mail family.  I know some of these e-mails still  have occasional errors or misspellings that I don’t catch until I review the Educational Excellence site with WordPress where I can correct them … so I do.  Sometime, when you are not too busy, click on the link for Educational Excellence not only to see a cool graphic, but to read my re-edited versions of the e-mail turned blog post … should you care to!  Just letting you all know that you can visit … with a click!  Thanks again for reading, by the way!

So Saturday is the annual event held in downtown Ft. Lauderdale.  There are vendors and “give-a-ways” as theme focused groups compete to win the title of best dressed representative for this year’s Breast Cancer Awareness “Glam-Doll-Strut” co-sponsored by Channel 7 WSVN and Deco Drive hostess, Lynn Martinez.  There is actually a parade that starts on Las Olas Boulevard at Andrews Avenue where the Huizenga Park is located.  Many groups “stroll and strut” in some extremely creative outfits as well as individuals, dancers, even men dressed in costumes highlighting breast cancer awareness … often quite jovial!!  I try to attend each year and will be there tomorrow after yoga.  It starts at 11am and continues with fun, food and festivities surrounding the “Glamathon” until 3pm!  There are even judges to select the winners and all proceeds go to helping local women who have had their experiences with breast cancer.

I am thinking of making another change to Educational Excellence and WordPress and doing maybe one post/e-mail per week.  Right now, I am doing two e-mails, Tuesdays (which gets rough since I try to go to yoga at 8:30am now on Tuesdays and Thursdays) and Friday.  I am going to change to Wednesdays and Fridays for now.  After speaking with a few supportive friends from St. Paul’s and Princeton, I may seek doing a column in a local newspaper or maybe even a not so local one … like the NY Times!!  Still shooting for the stars indeed as I attempt to live my life in a meaningful way … and contribute to the betterment of the world community as I enjoy this stage of my life!  What think you?!?  Please feel free to write me back with any thoughts, suggestions or comments!  Many of you already write back and I appreciate your readership and support, for I know  that I am a “different drummer”!

Enjoy your weekends, catch a movie or something, visit a local Breast Cancer Awareness event and … be well!


John I. Cook, Director

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