The Storm



It’s Tuesday . . .

The “storms a brewin'”!  The presidential election is heating up to a point beyond comprehension … for me!!  Many of us have never witnessed such shenanigans like that debate Sunday night!!  I don’t think either one of them mentioned Hurricane Matthew nor the people of this country whose lives remain in the “balance” as Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina suffer tremendous floods from the storm.  In watching the news last night, there were some scenes shown where people were actually on their houses roofs!!!  Here in SoFlo … Ft. Lauderdale … we dodged a serious bullet!!  Some 10 plus years ago, we had Hurricane Wilma that crossed the peninsula like a rabid dog!!  That was the worse one I have seen since living here for the past 20 plus years …  Yet, many folks recount stories of Hurricane Andrew and the devastation it wrapped around many parts of SoFlo, including Key West.

Have you been being entertained by these debates, the crowds cheering and jeering the candidates?!?  It is frightening to me … just to think that one of these two will be president of the country I live in!!  Should I move?!?  If Trump’s elected … I have said this before … I just might move …  I don’t have any interest in the racism that will run rampant if a classless act like him gets into office.  We all know that here in America, even during presidential elections and campaigning, anything goes!  I mean, Trump actually tries to blame Hillary for her husband’s inappropriate antics some years ago in regards to his treatment of women and multiple accusations of sexual harassment from women he had come into contact with while in office … some even before he was president … with the most famous event during his presidency occurring with Monica Lewinsky, his aide at the time who clearly had “the hots” for him.  Is it really Hillary’s fault?  Or did “garbage picking” Donald just decide to go as low as he could go … even though Bill Clinton is NOT running for office … but his wife is!  So why did Trump bring it up?!?   Because he, more than anyone else  has turned this entire presidential campaign into a fiasco of sorts like a “reality show” in which he just struts all over the stage … pompous and arrogant, crying like a baby at times and bullying the moderators of the debates as well as even Hillary from time to time … threatening that if he were in charge of the penal system … I guess … she would be in jail!!!

It is a sad day in American politics when the major issues of presidential debates hinge on sex, lies and videotapes!  Can we still call ourselves “the leader of the free world”?!?  Can we weather this horrific storm … as one good friend, Mr. Gover pointed out … Hurricane Donald appearing far worse than Hurricane Matthew?!?  We are indeed in the midst of a political storm …  Choose wisely … if you can!


John I. Cook, Director

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