Be Careful With Your L.I.F.E.!



It’s Tuesday … kind of a “tough Tuesday”, if you will!

This thing called life … to what do you dedicate yours?!?  Could it be toward “truth and justice”?  Tall order, right!?  How about “power and fame”?!?  How about “peace and love”?!?  Does it have to be just two?  Well, I have noticed over my years in life … and in sales in particular … if you give people a choice of “a” or “b”, they usually pick one of the options you offer!!  I usually try to be “different” when given two choices … of usually a lot simpler circumstances … but I choose both … or all three … how many ever they offer me.

Yes, life is something that many societies, and we Americans are making our way into the forefront of these folks, don’t value human life much!!  I was watching some clips from the movie about BP’s oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico that exploded causing disastrous damage and deaths, and it was clear … it was not just a “good” vs. “evil” movie, it was an undercurrent theme of “safety” of lives vs. financial gain … of the company itself!!  Some police officer in Plantation, FL set his wife on fire in front of her job Monday night!!  The young kid for the Marlins Baseball Team, Jose Fernandez and two friends, hit some rocks in some dangerous waters off Miami’s coastline … and all three died … all of them under 30 years of age!!  Driving a speed boat at top speed … in the darkness of the night … or morning … at 3am!!?? Wt@?!?  They even invited one friend whose response was: “No, Man … it’s too dark!”  Arnold Palmer, the professional golfer, passed away over the weekend … but he had been around for a long time … from natural causes … old age, 87, and heart failure!  Some of us make it … some of us don’t … peace be still!

Of course, I am like most Americans and I watched the debate … It is so sad to see the demise of the American political process for electing a president drop to the doldrums … anything goes … lies, rudeness, outbursts and interruptions … I mean, damn!!  “The whole world is watching!”  I  must say that the only candidate cognizant of the FACT that the whole world was watching BOTH of them was Hillary Clinton!!  Trump continued to act is if he is in his “own world” and could not come back from Hillary’s insistence that he, indeed, did not LOOK presidential … not in temperament, not in “fact checks”, not in honesty, not in embracing the concept of the “world society” as he sought to attack N.A.T.O. and its members … as well as their commitment to each other.

So, in closing, I want to suggest to the young people that “you” be more careful with their lives.  Those of “us” who have been born into rough neighborhoods, also created by racism, which Clinton clearly identified as being woven into the major institutions of American society, need to be more careful.  Yes, many of us are trapped into our environments, and through housing, jobs, education and even law enforcement and the court system, are maintained in our “positions” or status by the institutional racism that STILL permeates American society.  Be careful with your lives, young folks … Those who are like Jose Fernandez, who had “made it” with the American dream, so to speak, so … don’t go out on speed boats in the dark in the middle of the night in rock infested waters!  There is more fun stuff to do … like yoga!!


John I. Cook, Director

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