This is an interesting “Hump Day” message that I had initially planned for yesterday … a “Touching Tuesday” for me, folks … but I had so much to do in the morning before work, there just wasn’t enough time.  So, here it is.

I hope that you might understand where I am coming from, and I have confidence and faith that most of you will understand … agree with it or not …

First of all, I just wanted to mention that I still think about my friend – “Wilt” – who passed away … knowing that he was many people’s friend … that’s how he was, even though he was very opinionated … yet could still be “your friend”!  I also wanted to mention Maurice Blake, both Jose and my Coach for basketball and football at St. Paul’s School, as we both also played football one year together and several years of basketball at SPS.  Coach also sends his condolences for the loss of his former player/athlete and friend as “Coach Blake” was to most of us while we respected him as “Our Leader” simultaneously.  Coach is in his 90’s, as I heard a good friend’s Dad also had his 90th birthday a few days ago, too!  Some folks are living longer though they often come from different “walks of life”.  I also think of the “90-something” year old African American woman who got an invitation to have an audience with President and Michelle Obama in the White House several months back!  For me, it is beautiful when people show each other “friendship” in whatever form it may come  … and mean it sincerely.

This past Sunday, there was the monthly “World Peace Meditation” sponsored by the Hollywood Brahma Kumaris at ArtsPark in Young’s Circle … near where I use to live for a few months.  So I took the opportunity to “enjoy” the ambiance of the event as I meditated on peace … and on saying good bye to Jose St. Elmo Wiltshire.  Yeah, I know … I am weird like that.  I like to remember people … etch memories in my own mind … and heart … about good people and good things that I am grateful to have experienced.  Nowadays, I have learned to look at the challenges in my life as opportunities for growth and development … rather than to enhance and glorify “the negative” things that happen.  In other words … I try to learn from the negative and grow from the negative … turning those experiences into positive growth producing experiences.  While there at the World Peace Meditation, two Brahma Kumaris yogis originally from India spoke and led us in guided meditations.  This was only after “Halima” had given us some lessons in cleansing ourselves using Chinese medicine and QiGong.  Once becoming spiritually grounded from those activities with Halima, I meditated intently on peace … and saying good bye to Jose … I imagined that his spirit was there … I felt it, so to speak … and it sought to go upward towards the skies.  As I gazed upward during the meditation, I burned several sticks of Brahma brand incense made in India as I sat on my straw mat amongst the numerous meditators that Roz (director of Hollywood’s Brahma Kumaris) had invited out.  Two tears ran down my face … one on each check … only two tears … then it stopped.

I mention these things, folks, so that we can appreciate those amongst us who practice peace and harmony … while they are with us … whether we agree as individuals … or not!  One of the main reasons I attend events like this and attend as many yoga practises that I can handle each week is because “like minded” people are present … and we share our peace … quietly.  I remember a few times that Jose had written back to me after reading one of my pieces … and he wrote: “JI, man … I had tears in my eyes!”  I felt closer to him than ever … especially since I had a tear or two in my own eyes as I composed the piece!

Be well and treat each other well …..

Namaste … om shanti,

John I. Cook, Director

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  1. John Petroshus
    Sep 21, 2016 @ 10:52:00

    i will be reading this for the folks at a get together we are having for jose this saturday!

    Liked by 1 person


  2. excelwitheducationalexcellence
    Sep 21, 2016 @ 11:49:43

    Thank you, John . . . Peace be with you!



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