“If You Want Me To Stay . . .”



Happy Friday, Everyone!

And … like clockwork … T.G.I.F.!

Y’all ready for the weekend?!?  I know that I am!  I try to take some moments of every weekend … just for me.  Now I am not talking about being selfish … for various reasons.  One of course is that I am still single … not complaining though I fill that void with dear friends in yoga class or that I hang out with on the weekends … or friends that I have made over the years and we communicate mainly by internet.  Yet, I am still from the “old school” of psychology where I learned that human touch keeps humans fairly “human”!!  In other words, hugging, caressing and touching … maybe even an occasional kiss helps us stay relatively “happy” and “human”.  Some of the classical theories in psychology have suggested that we “need” that human touch to develop into social human beings.  I know that some of you may disagree, and that’s fine … because some of the earliest psychologists of human development disagreed, too!

Does anyone remember a popular “R & B” singer Sly and the Family Stone aka “Sylvester Stone” (Sylvester Stewart)?!  You may not … nor even care to know who he is as his musical genre may not be the same as yours!  So be it … I mention him because he was the leader of a group that was very very successful on the “music scenes” from Madison Square Garden to the Apollo Theatre in New York’s “Harlem” on W. 125th Street.  Sly had horns (trumpet, sax), he had an extremely talented bass player, Larry Graham, and had the whole world in the palm of his hand!  Last I heard, about a year ago, was that “Sly” was homeless and living out of a van somewhere in California … maybe Hollywood or Los Angeles.  I can tell you I can relate to his story, though I have never been a “musical super star”!!  I remember seeing him on the stage at Madison Square Garden … sometimes so “high” that he couldn’t even sing too well!!

I am at that early retirement age where I am looking to find something to do for work that allows me to receive early retirement funds, which are not so much, but I am “tired” of working so hard at this age and at this stage of my life!  I know what homelessness looks like … what it feels like … and what it smells like!!!  It is a difficult situation that some folks just get used to …  Been there, done that … can’t get used to it.  I love to work, I love to write … and travel.  Shucks, I even like teaching.  I have begun to think about retiring some place like Barcelona or Madrid … Costa Rica … not Colombia again ’cause I know how rough it can get there in terms of folks being kidnapped and just disappearing …. much like New York City, even!!!  I think of the lyrics to Sly’s song “If You Want Me To Stay …”, he continues … ” ... I’ll be around today, I’ll be available for you to see!”  Now don’t worry, I know that some of you might not care where I go or what I do … that’s okay … because that’s YOU … not me!!  I have a very good friend in Germany whom I thought of visiting maybe from Barcelona or someplace in Europe!  But my point is … I just might go … maybe sometime in 2017 …. especially if Trump gets elected!  It’s a bit exciting, especially if I decide to travel or move some place else.  My mother, Marietta aka “Mary”, was a “world traveler of sorts”, and that is probably where I get it from!  Either way, have a great day … and enjoy your weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

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