Every One Is Doing Their Own Thing!

follow your passion


Happy Friday, All!

It’s a long weekend … Labor Day Weekend even!!  What do you all have planned?!  Nowadays, my lifestyle is a bit interesting … even for me!!  So, I don’t have any serious plans for Labor Day Weekend … except to be at peace with the universe!  Have you ever heard of such a thing?!?  I am still reeling … somewhat … from all of the shootings and killings that have been occurring here in this country.  I think about my grandson, Caleb Isaac, and my daughter … and wish them well.  I think back to the days of my childhood and how my parents always tried to have something planned for us to do when we were out of school.

Our family was often “taunted” in The Projects because we had two cars … one for my mother and one for my father!  My father “Big Ike” worked on cars and was able to turn a “clunker” into a “keeper”!  He liked Cadillacs and Buicks in particular and always had a little “wagon” of sorts for my mother to drive.  We were humble, even though I, the youngest child got accepted into an all boys private Episcopalian boarding school and later Princeton University.  I had really never heard of either … until I was there.  I was fortunate because my father always told us NOT to be prejudiced toward people of other races.  We got “ribbed” from time to time by the folks in “The Projects” because it “seemed like” we had more stuff … more fun … took more trips … to Florida or to Canada (where I went with my mother one year with The Flower Club of Bethel Baptist Church, also there in the property where The Projects were located).  He taught us to be proud, though he didn’t expect that I would become rich because I went to St. Paul’s and Princeton.  Yet they came to BOTH graduations “dressed like native New Yorkers” in a suit and my mother dressed really nice in a dress that she probably had made herself.  My Dad’s mother was Mattie Yhuman Cook, who was considered by family members and rumors to be a “half breed” Native American … either half white or half African as she was very light skinned, as was my father.  His brother David Cook was light but not as “light-skinned” as Ike.  Their brother, Samuel, was the darkest of the three sons of Robert and Mattie Cook.  My grandfather, whom I never met, was said to be deep dark and of African lineage for sure!!

Nowadays, everybody is doing their own thing, whatever that is … whatever brings them more wealth and comfort, fortune and fame in our competitive society.  That’s cool, too … as long as one is not hurting another human being … or other creatures!!  Tall order, I know … but someone has to put humanity FIRST!  Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

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