STOP The Shootings!



Yes, just another day … for most of us … reading perhaps …

I have noticed lately the plethora of programs in some “inner cities” where former “gang bangers” and even some political officials as well as reverends, coaches and teachers … cops even … are sponsoring programs to aid educating the youth, pre-occupying the youth with athletic programs, and organizing the community with programs that provide substantive alternatives to the “street life” of inner cities of Miami, Chicago … Los Angeles.

This past weekend in Chicago, Dwayne Wade’s female cousin was shot and killed as she walked pushing her child in a stroller as they approached her car.  The two shooters were out on bail from multiple gun charges!  They have been captured and jailed, but the baby still has lost its mother …  In Miami on Sunday evening, an 8 year old girl was shot in the head as she stood with her father on the street in front of their home in their neighborhood.  She remains on life support, though the family believes she will not make it, and her father who was hit multiple times remains in the hospital.  The only evidence, if found, is a dark colored SUV that is said to have sped away from the scene.  King Carter’s (RIP) father showed his support for the family and the lifeless child at the hospital.  I don’t know if you remember but King was an 8 year old football player from a  tough Miami neighborhood who was also shot … and killed … by a stray bullet as he played in front of his home on another “mean street in Miami” …. How are these guns getting in to these inner city neighborhoods?  Is there something our politicians can do about this?  Sometimes … “It makes me wanna holler … throw up both my hands!”

The community cry is going out again … “If you see something, say something!” as the police and the local community seek to locate and arrest the shooters of this little girl and her father.  Do you think these folks have a choice to grow up living in such communities in Chicago, Dallas and Miami?!?  Do WE … “the people” have an obligation to “Stop this Violence”?!?  You bet we do … as it is getting closer to some folks’s homes and families.  The whole world is watching as America … “land of the free, home of the brave” … learns to cower in our “own streets” from gun violence.  What will we do?!?  What is the root of all of this evil plaguing our inner cities?!?  We need to do everything we can … EVERYTHING … to Stop the Violence!  What say you?!?  Educate the youth, teach them alternatives to this “lifestyle” and teach them to prevent the violence so prevalent in their neighborhoods!  Easier said than done … it’s a tough job … but someone has to do it!


John I. Cook, Director

Educational Excellence

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