“You’re A Racist … You’re A Racist! You’re A Racist!”

christian racist


Happy Friday, All!

I am feeling a hearty “T.G.I.F.!” today … how about you?!?

If you are like me, you have more to be grateful for than not to be … or perhaps, we don’t recognize it!  I catch myself just saying “Thank You!” sometimes as my car continues to cruise down the street though I could use some new tires … an oil change and maybe a car wash!!  After multiple episodes of “unfairness” and “disrespect” on my previous job at the diabetic supplies call center, that gratefully ended, too!  I didn’t want to go there some days … but I needed to make some money … so I went!!  Logical, right?!?  It was probably the worst environment I have worked in in a long while.  I am fairly disciplined and know how to map my way around “average drama” in little or no time.  Yet, it was not a place I was motivated to go … and … as most of the readers know, I have been looking for jobs over and over … day in and day out … to get out of there!!  Yet, it was not so easy to find something paying between $13 – 15/hour and a decent “inside” job if you will, like this one.  The new position, yes … though I see the office politics already, has a more amicable environment, mostly adults, no teenagers or 20 something year olds still living with “Mom and/or Dad” … not that I mind them.  It was just that the managers started playing games with “the cute girls” giving them special treatment, opportunities and assignments, bonuses and gifts.   These 30 something year old managers manipulated EVERYTHING to their favor!!  It got woefully ridiculous at some moments.

Debt settlement is a bit more specific and requires multi-tasking between the computer, the phone and papers in your hand ranging from credit reports to applications for clients and notes to be read!  It is pretty intense and … either you can do the job or you can’t!  There are many tedious steps involving credit card numbers and account balances, loan agreements and installment payments … even bank account and routing numbers!  One has to be and stay on point, since one is calculating balance totals and setting up debt settlement plans from a client’s trust account all on line!  We create contracts from our computers, send out “pre-fab” letters to clients from their e-mails contained within our system.  The IT guys are from Turkey and Croatia and they are very talented!  The job is a breath of fresh air.  They even let me handle ALL the Spanish clients calls for now!  They trust and appreciate me THAT much!!  We know these things can change in a heart beat but I am enjoying it as I prepare for forms of employment and destinations for my early retirement!  I definitely need to keep working even during “early retirement”.

Have you heard the latest “talking point” of candidate Trump?!?  Something to the effect of how the Democrats  always use “the race card”, so to speak, “if something isn’t right!”, says Trump.  “You’re a racist, you’re a racist!  You’re a racist!” he claims that the Democrats say when their “policies don’t work”.  Do I need to mention “the wall” or the “registering of entering Muslims” here in the land of the free, home of the brave … both “ideas” suggested by Trump!??  He even went so far as to yell … not say … but YELL, “Hillary Clinton is a bigot!” with no reasoning or “excuse” for saying that, if you will.  So now we have two well off “white people” using the race card … in the presidential campaign nowadays!  Has this ever happened so openly before?!?  Are we in a country that has “lost it’s mind”?  Now that the “race card” is face open on the playing table, let’s see what happens next … as none of us can control what comes out of Clinton nor Trump’s mouth!!  Shucks, I saw a segment on the news last night highlighting the history of how the “German-born” Popa Trump had taught his family to say that they were Swedish … in World War II America!  By jove …. the games people play.  And now he is running for POTUS!!

This weekend, I plan to enjoy “the simple things in life”.  Of course my needed time in the gym with yoga, a sit in the jacuzzi and laps in the pool on Saturday … rain or shine!  There is a “free vegan event” happening in Tamarac, FL on Saturday from 11am to 5pm, vegan food tasting and preparation displays at the Community Center’s event!  I hope to get some time to check it out before 5pm.  There are threats of a tropical storm arriving on the shores of SoFlo so many cities like Hollywood and Miami are preparing their usual dissemination of “sand bags” to help thwart flooding conditions.

Whatever you do … if possible … DON’T BE A RACIST …


John I. Cook, Director

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