To Tell The Truth

Tell the Truth


Happy Friday, All!

I must admit that I am feeling a hearty “T.G.I.F.”!

What’s really going on with ” … truth, justice and the American Way”!???  I mean that quote is usually associated with “Superman” and crime fighters everywhere in the U.S.A., right?!?  So, where have those values gone … in America?!  Has anyone seen “them” lately?!?  Maybe we could ask the group of Olympic Swimmers from the U.S.A.?!  Will they tell us the truth?

I tried to figure out why these swimmers would claim that they were attacked by people in Brazil near Rio who dressed up as police and robbed them at gunpoint!  Is this what the national representatives for this country want to be remembered for during these Olympic Games?!?  Is this what “stars” and “heroes” do once held up in high esteem not only by this country … but the world?!  We could simplify all this stuff and just say that it was an isolated event … but that doesn’t work for me!!  This is becoming the “way of the world” if it already hasn’t been as such!  It seems everywhere in nearly every part of the fabric of our “Western Civilization”, be it politics, business or sports, there is so much distrust!  I mean, the majority of the Russian Olympic team was “barred” from these Olympic Games due to excessive and illegal “drug use” to build their bodies to nearly super human strength!

So, were these athletes really robbed?  Let’s go to the video where it shows a group of the swimmers being led by Ryan Lochte who had gotten drunk and vandalized a local store and offered to pay for the damages that THEY caused to the establishment.  According to Lochte, his wallet was stolen during the “raid” as well as other items by the group of purported Brazilian thugs.  Yet, when the swimmers got off of their plane at the airport in Miami, they all had watches on their wrists and Ryan even displayed his wallet as they went through customs!!!  Has violence, deceit and dishonesty become “the American Way” now?!  Many folks feel that we have been portrayed as such a long time ago in international affairs, especially the people of countries that the USA has occupied or fought against during international disputes.  In other words, this is not the first time that “Americans” have been accused of being dishonest while waving the “truth, justice and the American Way” flag!  Is this what things have been “boiled down” to in our world?!?  I think so … may peace be still …

Even Trump’s campaign manager has been linked to ties with Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin, and has been said to have been in support of Putin and possibly received monies from the Russian leader!!  The Clinton’s have also been accused of receiving monies from international supporters as well!!  So the new policy will be that if Hillary is voted in as POTUS, the “Clinton Foundation” will no longer receive donations from international contributors, corporations in this country, but will only accept donations from citizens of the United States of America!  Do we have to create more laws to MAKE people tell the truth?!?  Do you all think this will work?!?  Has humankind sunken to this nearly “sub human” level?!?  Only time will tell …

In the meantime, try to enjoy the Olympic Games and honor those athletes who have trained so hard and honestly prepared to compete in these Games!  Have a great weekend … and … tell the truth!


John I. Cook, Director

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