That’s When The Demons Get to Work!

demon beach


It’s Tuesday . . .

I am glad that you all have adjusted to the days of Tuesday and Friday now for sending out these e-mails.  I thank you for reading as I continue to share some of my situations with you.  I always try to reach out and, since I write to so many different people, I  know from time to time you may disagree or just think I am foolish.  That’s okay … send me a reply and we can talk about it … if you like.  Otherwise, let me know that you would like to be removed …. please!

As challenges come in ones life, in particular mine at this time, some folks come around to help and others come around to see how you’re going to handle stuff.  I am usually pretty sturdy and innovative in getting things done.  I often wondered, why is it that “folks” sometimes enjoy that “cheap shot” on a fellow human being?  You know, when one is already kind of down and having some serious challenges, “others” decide that now is the time to try and “bury” this person already having “dog days” in their life?!?  Now some folks “buckle” under pressure and feel even more disenchanted with life during those “dog days”… maybe ready to give up … hurt themselves … or someone else!!!  I am proud of myself that there is little that anyone can say that would cause me to want to do bodily harm either to them or to myself!  It took some doing, some soul searching, some figuring out of “those kinds of people” and what makes them tick … in particular so that I don’t take their hurtful behavior too personally … if at all!!  I’ve gotten some thick skin over the years.  Partly due to “survivals” sake and partly due to learning to remove myself through prayer and meditation from taking things personally, especially when I am already struggling with “other” things.  As “The Talking Heads” once sang, “Everybody … GET … IN … LINE!”  In other words, wait your turn!!  When people go after someone else “sideways” with evil intent, do they think that “someone else” is going to just stand there and “take it”, so to speak, not saying anything back in their own defense, perhaps?!?  I smile when that happens to me … ever so gently … then I put together a minor “eye opener” so that “they” know that I am on to them … Then I take a few “spiritual steps” back … again, ever so gently … and then I allow a barrage of “reality” to rain upon them, ultimately demonstrating that I am just as proud of myself as they are of themselves, if you understand where I am coming from.  I am not talking about positions or possessions, titles or accomplishments … but really looking at that person’s essence … their personality even!

I can tell you that I used to “buckle” under pressure sometimes in my past …  Then, one gets tired of that cowering crap, especially to another human who has the same feelings and challenges as YOU!  Perhaps, they have had more help getting through some situations than others, and I for one am an “appreciator” not a hater!!  If a person has it going on, so to speak, I wish them well … I wish them harmony … and I wish them peace in their lives.  The other “things” come and go in our lives but those aforementioned “states of being” are not so easy to accomplish in life as there is no price on them, there is no store where you can purchase them and it actually requires a lot of personal “inside” work.  When we are challenged by “the demons” of this life, we each must be strong enough spiritually to “look them in their faces” and “shine on”!  I know, trust me, I know … it is easier said than done!  Stay flexible!  Just Do It!


John I. Cook, Director

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