To Change the Approach to Things

conflict paradigm


I’d just like to T.G.I.F., if you don’t mind!

I am so glad that we get a weekend to relax a bit, as I see so many people going on vacations and stuff, just glad to NOT have to go to work for a couple of days.  Just hit the gym, to do some yoga and swim, sit in the jacuzzi  and it doesn’t cost that much anyways!!  Who knows, weather permitting, I will have a chance to go to the beach this weekend!

This campaign thing is really out of control now.  Have us “Americans” gotten so caught up in fantasy land that we allow our presidential election to turn in to a “reality show” starring Donald Trump?!?  Can you believe that this man is saying that President Obama and Hillary Clinton are the co-founders of ISIS?!?  Is this NOT insanity?!?  I mean, he is taking a well know fact, the founder of ISIS who is Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and telling people that Obama is the founder!!  Do you think some people believe him?!?  You bet there is … probably quite of few … who would believe anything he says , just to show their dislike of the fact that there IS a “black” president Obama and of the Democratic Party!!  Yet, has this become what this nation’s politics have turned out to be?!?  Say whatever you want about whomever you want and try to win the contest of the most ridiculous candidate running for office, if you will … and you will win!!  I wonder what other country’s leaders think about Trump’s exuberance in ignorance?!?  I wonder what he thinks this type of statement does to “make America great again”?!?  Personally, I am nervous … not only for Trump’s complete indulgence in “his style” of campaigning … but more so for the people who follow him and believe him … what kind of “people” are these … my fellow Americans?!?

I have noticed that the “conflict approach” to everything is permeating our society.  It is in the work place … everyone wants to do “more than the next person”, right or wrong doesn’t seem to matter … just more!  Fighters want to do “more damage” as in professional sports like foot ball and hockey!  The more blood, it seems, the harder you purportedly fought and … the more “important” or noteworthy you are!  Trump’s supporters are starting to bring Confederate flags to his rallies!!!  What’s next?!?  Will the Ku Klux Klan come riding through the rallies next?!?  What a freaking horror story this election has turned out to be?!!!  Trump even called “Wednesday night” a “Friday night” in one of his braggart comments about “being at a Trump rally” … and the dummies in the audience at the rally cheered.  Is there another way we could be doing things … except trying to be the most ridiculous person ever?!?

Personally, I think we’ve lost our course as “the land of the free, the home of the brave” … not to mention the FACT that there were already people here four or five hundred years ago … when the Europeans arrived!  Is “the takeover” what humanity has boiled itself down to?!?  I hope not!!  We’ll have to see how far this thing goes!  Then, I will figure out where I am going … or do I stay!?

In the meantime, enjoy the “show” and have a great weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

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