Miracles Abound!!

Miracles for me


It’s Tuesday, Folks!

What’s really happening?!  I know, as I always tell the readers that I include in this list of e-mail family recipients of Educational Excellence … let me know if you would like to be removed.  I am okay with that … just let me know!  I am like yoga … I am NOT for everybody!  Just smile ’cause I am trying to be courteous, not rude!  Hopefully, you can understand that … and let me know, okay?!

Yes, “Black Lives Do Matter, Too!”  On Sunday, as I watched the POTUS speaking in Washington, D.C. on “race relations” in this country, amongst many others who took to the podium during that event sponsored by those who feel that this conversation needs to take place in as many cities across the USA as possible, I “met” a guy that I was unfamiliar with – Redditt Hudson, former St. Louis Police Officer.  He happens to be a very tall, well built, very fair-skinned African American male who is also the co-founder of The National Coalition for Law Enforcement Officers for Justice.  His intellectual capacities shined through as he mesmerized the audience with his take on “law enforcement officers for justice” and the cause they represent.  One story he told, clearly a true story, has some traces of my own findings in  my research for my first book, “From The Projects to Princeton”, where I discovered that there were like two “different” police departments in Philadelphia, PA around the time of the first attempts to include African Americans in that city’s police department – one “black” division and the majority “white” extremely racist and corrupt division!!  Redditt told the story of accompanying a white female officer to the scene of a purported crime there in St. Louis.  At one point, the female officer spoke to the suspect, who was an African American male.  Redditt said that the officer questioned the black male suspect, got upset at the lack of incriminating evidence and struck the suspect, knocking him off his feet.  She punched and pummeled the “suspect”, stood over him while he laid on the ground in front of he and his “fellow officer” telling him to get up.  Redditt escorted that officer away from the man, and, another officer came to the scene, also white, and began mistreating the same “suspect” in very much the same manner as the white female officer, and yelling at him to get up.  The black male suspect repeated what he had said to the white female officer, which was that, “As you can see … I can’t get up!”  The “suspect” was on crutches …  Peace be still!

I was happy to “meet” Mr. Redditt and admired him for his passion for the cause from his position as a former “law enforcement officer” who saw with his own eyes how white officers treated African American “suspects”!  I was even more ecstatic to see the momentum of the “National Coalition for Law Enforcement Officers for Justice”!  Carry on, Sir … it will take more people like you to help turn the tide of “police brutality” in the minority communities across the USA!!

In closing, I just wanted to acknowledge my Creator and the people placed in my path to help me overcome yet another “episode” in my life testing my faith in my Creator as well as being able to see and experience the undaunted help from my fellow human beings, especially friends of all races, as I embrace the transition from one “job” to another as well as seeking to improve my life as I approach “early retirement”.  Thank you ALL … for I have lost count of the miracles!


John I. Cook, Director

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