Still … Bringing in The Clowns!

trump change


Happy Friday, All!

And I want to simply “T.G.I.F.” from all parts of my heart and soul.   Many many times this past week, I had to stop and “kiss the sky” as Jimi Hendrix used to say, just to let my Creator know how much I appreciate “It’s” help … if you know where I am coming from.  Over the years, I have developed a concept of My Creator as not being male or female … just great and loving and caring and seeking the best for me … and ALL of us!!

Again, these past few days … Full Moon included … I have wanted to speak with my mother!  There were moments that I listened for her advice or suggestions in handling certain things coming my way and have heard pure silence!!  Can’t she hear me?!?  Doesn’t she know that I need answers?!?  Yet, I think she knows as I full well know … that my Creator is her Creator … though each of us are very different creatures.  For example, I have noticed how quick some folks are to “seem right” or prove me wrong, better yet!!  I call on my Dad’s teachings at this point … very simply … “You can’t make everybody happy, Son, so be sure you are the happy one!”  My mother,  on the other hand, was intent on making sure that everyone was taken care of … food, clothing … maybe even shelter if she could help with that, too!  I am a combination of the two of them … glad to say … and can usually recognize insincerity or deceit before it lands in my life, so to speak.  Sometimes, hopeless romantic that I am … wishing everyone well and trusting folks first … I don’t catch on until it (deception, dishonesty, fakeness) is right in my face!  But I respond quickly and accurately … usually “right between the eyes of the culprit” with a comment that is SURE to get their attention and let them know that I know … Peace be still!  I once  sent an e-mail about how “yogis” are not “chumps” … I am living proof, if you will.  I know that what I write is usually scrutinized and criticized … if not deleted … by those who may disagree with my resolve to live a peaceful life.  So, I am prepared to defend myself if necessary, though I don’t owe anyone an explanation for what I write … or do, for the most part!

Now, it is the Republican National Convention time where they “bring in the clowns”!  All of the “in-house” fighting, attacking of wives and children, “borrowing” other First Lady’s ideas from her speech by Mrs. Trump and the desire of Republicans to paint Hillary as a big liar.  Check out “the pot calling the kettle black”, to use an old school expression when most kitchenware was made of heavy wrought iron and were black!!  If people don’t think that Trump lies, listen to his comments from the beginning of his campaign and listen to him now!!!  What a hypocrite!!  He even had Giuliani making a speech on how America is not black or white … it is just “America”!  Then you hear a criminal politician like Chris Christie who says that he will have his own trial charging Hillary Clinton with treason …. something he knows a lot about!!!  What clowns are these characters!!?!!  Well, next week the Democrats will have their chance to top this Republican “act” ’cause I don’t trust not one of them … pure showmanship and childish behaviour!

Most folks don’t value sincerity, especially when they have their own agendas … like proving you (or me) wrong or proving themselves “better” at something which is usually power or wealth, definitely not sincerity or humility!  Just goes to show you what people are “trained” and “conditioned” to value in a “dog eat dog”, “rat race” based capitalistic society!  Get yours “bigger and better” (house, car, income) or you just don’t count!!  Hmmmm …..  I always count … and I pity the fool who tries to make me NOT count!!  I got two earfuls for you, believe me!!

Keep the peace in your heart, let your love shine through your skin!  You don’t have to show anyone that you love them, but if they don’t get it … move on … in peace!

Peace … again,

John I. Cook, Director

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