Some Folks Can’t Figure Out What’s Wrong!



It’s Tuesday …

And the “killing” continues across the globe … Can anyone figure out what’s wrong with humanity?!?  Most people can’t because they are too caught up in the “problem” either fantasizing that they are “cool”, “okay” or even “good” …. while there are others who can’t take the disparity between “the haves” and “the have nots”!!  Those are the ones that usually go “ballistic” because they see that the “American Dream” is a far reach for many, if not, most of us!!

The event that occurred in France on Bastille Day is highly charged with terrorist action, though it seems “he” may have targeted the wrong people, so to speak.  These are not necessarily “the haves”, so to speak, but they were the people celebrating the dismantling of The Bastille as France’s prison for the influential in hopes of getting ammunition!  The Bastille itself stood as a symbol of the hypocrisy of the aristocracy ruling in France at the time of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI.  Does anyone see any similarities between those times and these today?!?  With the onslaught of “social media”, the press and the broader media, folks almost don’t know what to think … especially the “less astute” folks who may be “showing off” possessions and wealth in “the faces” of a far less financially successful group!  Some folks just don’t get it.  Yet, others quite clearly do!

Just a few days ago, they had a story on the news about a young man who rode his brother’s bicycle something like 60 miles to go to college, pitched a tent on campus since he couldn’t afford a dormitory room and prepared to go to college!  After a few days, campus police approached him in his tent and, instead of arresting him for trespassing, took him to a hotel and paid for two days!  Soon, the story had spread to the wider community and people came to the African American student’s hotel room with more gifts of housing and someone even set up a “Go Fund Me” account and I believe he has accumulated like $100,000.00!  So, some people do get it and try to help … when they can.  That’s always a good thing … when you can!

The gap is widening between the “haves” and “the have nots”, as the “99%” seems to be growing … and the “1%” is hunkering down to maintain control of things … the power, the financial wealth and riches, and ridiculous realms of influence.  Many of us have heard the saying: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know!”  If you look around, perhaps, your job and the situations at large, one may see this pattern of behavior being extremely typical in this days and times.  In many “circles”, it is not important anymore that one be able to speak, read and write intelligently, if you will, not to mention being honest and fair in ones endeavors.  If we take a close look at some developments in our society, we can observe that “truth, equal opportunity and sharing/harmony” are things of the past.  Did you hear Mrs. Trumps speech last night?!?  Who was she talking about?!?  This is what I mean!  People were cheering at points during her speech when she stated: “There is no black America, no white America … no Hispanic America … there is just one America!” …. I mean, don’t we wish.

May we be aware of the economic, power and influence wedge being driven between us … by the very society that we are supposed to be “developing”.  Is it over developed?  Is it failing the majority of us?  Do we need to replace this “system” with something that seeks to redistribute values, wealth and power?  For me, this is what the youth should be studying in school … how to refocus our efforts on sustaining life on this planet as well as extending the life OF this planet!  The continual destruction cannot last much longer … something has got to give!  Do what you can … when you can!


John I. Cook, Director

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