Hump Day Birthday . . . Finding My Joy in the Journey!

joy in your journey


Happy Hump Day, All!

Talking about living, loving and learning?!?  That is pretty much where I am today … Nothing serious, just trying to keep it simple.  I am currently not about accumulating persons, places or things … I am not a hoarder either.  But, I am glad to be “amongst the living” today and thanked my Creator as soon as my eyes opened up!

Birthdays are cool times.  You kind of get to know the friends who actually think about YOU … not the things you have or the trips you are going to take … or even those that one has taken.  As I gratefully embrace this day, I am still planning things to do in early retirement … especially work!  I am hoping to stay at my current “call center” assignment and continue looking for “part time” employment and continuing to build Educational Excellence … writing and speaking, when possible!  Maybe someone will “catch on” to what I am doing and help me on a larger scale.  Yet, I remain humble, remembering that some of the best known people today, like Mother Theresa, MLK Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, and am able (and willing) to remain on a grass roots “scale, so to speak!

In closing, I just want to thank each of you, who, since you are on this list, had some impact in my life and I wanted to “stay in touch” for the long haul!  It is pretty clear that some of you, your encouragement and support, your kindness and friendship, have been integral parts of “my journey”!  Today, as with most days, I am seeking “joy in my journey”!

Have a great day … I love you …


John I. Cook, Director

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