Happy 4th of July – Happy Birthday, Big Ike (RIP)

happy birthday dad


Happy Friday, All!

I’ve got to give it up to My Creator again today … as I do everyday … T.G.I.F.!!

July is always a special month for me … not only because my birthday is July 13th, but because my father’s is on The Fourth of July!! He was always considered to be a “firecracker” of a guy who didn’t tolerate much nonsense.  That was tough to deal with as a youngster because I always liked an explanation … and … if the explanation was too intricate for him to explain to me … he would say: “Because I said so!  That’s why you have to do it … I said so!”  I had to get used to that one … Dad dropped out of school in Florida when he was in the 9th grade or so.  He was a hands on type of guy, though his favorite past time after working all day with Pinkerton Detective Agency was to read the local newspaper in his easy chair in the living room in our small and humble 3 bedroom apartment in the Winbrook Projects.  Quite often, I would end up in his lap trying to decipher the comics he laughed at or understand the news stories he frowned at.

My father – Isaac Henry Cook – was very resourceful.  This guy could fix a car … any problem from transmissions to oil changes, even shocks could be replaced by he and his buddies who ran a successful auto repair shop.  He hunted deer in the winter and brought them home and he and Mr. Joe, one of his good friends and hunting buddies, would hang the deer in Joe Derouseau’s garage and cut steaks and prepare the meat for the women to grind into meatballs!!  Big Ike was a multifaceted guy whose love of his family was shown more in deeds than in words.  He and my mother came to visit me during Parent’s Weekend in Concord, NH when I attended St. Paul’s School.  They came to my graduation from SPS and were very involved in helping me map my way through Princeton University.  When I had personal issues, like a broken heart or “friend problems”, they did their best to counsel me or find someone who could talk to me!  They both came, with my sister Edna, to the graduation in 1976 and loaded up the cars and we drove back to White Plains!  I felt cared for … by them both.

So, this weekend, I hope to spend some time with Ayanna Lynne and Caleb, hang out on the beach a little … see some fireworks, and enjoy the festivities at my favorite night spots.  I don’t want to do the work of the terrorists in the aftermath of the airport bombings in Ataturk, Turkey.  Again, keep your eyes open … if you see something, say something!  Be grateful to be able to enjoy Celebrations of the 4th of July with family and friends and don’t forget to spread your love, compassion and peace.  Don’t take each other for granted … it might be the last time “you” see them.


John I. Cook, Director

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  1. Ken Chiarito
    Jul 01, 2016 @ 14:06:47

    Happy Birthday to your Dad I heaven, John!! Hope you’re doing well!

    Sent from my fingertips


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  2. excelwitheducationalexcellence
    Jul 01, 2016 @ 14:34:27

    Thanks, Ken … I recall the pic of you and your Dad recently posted on FB … thanks, bro’!



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