There But for the Grace of God . . . Go I!



It’s Tuesday … and a tumultuous one for many many people … in and around the Orlando, FL area … peace be still!

Some folks complain about any and everything!  Some complain because the world doesn’t bow down to them … nor do I!  Others complain about something that hasn’t even happened yet!!!  Yet, here is a community of folks who were targeted by an unstable person claiming affiliation with ISIS … but more troubled than anything else … who can’t accept others for OTHERS sexual preference!!!  How self-centered can you be?!?  No one asked this “character” for a date, a dollar … didn’t ask him for anything!!
In this case, the “ball was dropped” multiple times by investigators who said that this person’s name had come across their radar several times.  His wife complained that he seemed bi-polar and changed becoming hostile and violent towards her … even beating her!  Someone on his job stated that he is “always loud” and “bangs on the desks with his hands” whenever he got upset!  Even the State Department had him on their radar as being associated with terrorist philosophy as evidenced by some of his social media writings.  Omar Mateen was a very troubled 29 year old who apparently had a dislike of gays, especially men holding hands, kissing or showing affection in public.  He left his home over an hour away in Fort Pierce, Florida to the “safe place” for the LGBT Community in Orlando known as “Pulse” … downtown on Orange Ave. … to kill as many of the people in that club as he could!  His goal was to get in to the Club, shoot as many as he could with his AR 15 (a military style assault rifle! – who sells these … and for what?!?) and a hand gun … and get out and go back to Fort Pierce!!  Did he think he lived in vacuum or something?!?  Not very sane thoughts, to say the least.
Our lives are our own … and our Creator.  No one … NO ONE has the right to take it away nor make it unnecessarily uncomfortable for us … ANY of us … whether “you” like us or not!!  Who died and make “you” God!?!  It seems that this is the worst … yes the worst “mass murder” since “9/11”!  This character killed more innocent victims than at the Sandy Hook Elementary School!  Again, someone with mental instability manages to buy a military styled assault rifle to kill civilians!!!  When will it ever end?!?  Are we waiting for it to end … just by doing nothing?!?  Well, I think we need to do more … a lot more … hold more people accountable for their “dropping of the ball” … letting a mentally imbalanced person buy an AK 15 … especially a person who has had a history of violent behavior.  I have been turned down for an apartment due to charges I had over 10 years ago, even won the trial, but some places still won’t rent to me because of a firearm charge over 10 years ago!  I can be snagged and dragged in seconds.  Yet, these characters seem to get assistance in acquiring weapons to do harmful things to their fellow citizens.  Sometimes, I count my blessings … Yet, I can see clearly, that ” … there but for the grace of God, go I!”


John I. Cook, Director

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