Just A Moment With You . . . Would Do!



Happy Tuesday ….

I say that with tongue in cheek, as another precious life was snuffed out due to gun violence in So
Flo.  This young lady had just graduated from Nova Southeastern University as a practical nurse.  She was at a massive house party in Miami Gardens this past weekend enjoying herself when a bullet came through the house and penetrated her head!!  She was only 25 years old . . . Alexandra Dean . . . and had so much life left ahead of her.  Both parents were distraught as they took to social media to honor their daughter!
We all know who once said, “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!”?  Yes, he was “The Greatest”, Muhammad Ali!  Known world-wide for protesting his participation in a war against people “he didn’t even know” … and whom had never called him the n-word nor discriminated against him because of his race or religion, “Cassius Clay” changed his name to Muhammad Ali and proclaimed himself a Muslim early on in his boxing career.  He traveled all over the world promoting “self pride”, overcoming obstacles and what some might call “universal peace” …. He was my hero when I was in boarding school, and remains as such as long as I live!  Thank you for your gifts to humanity, Mr. Ali!
So, like Sunday and Monday … I have been having this strong feeling to talk with my Mother …  I mean, now that I have attended the 40th Reunion for the Class of ’76 of Princeton University, my next projects include a few challenges.  I just wanted to run a few things by Mom and Dad … to see what they think I should do!!  Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending a Raj Yoga Meditation at the home of Yogi Ganga in Miramar who trained me in the fundamentals of The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University’s principles and beliefs.  It was enlightening!  So, during the mediation, I tossed things around in my head, weighing my options and considering the positive and negative points.  I was still uneasy … having had multiple unexpected debts recently … and I needed some feedback, some encouragement, even.  At the meditation, our guest speaker, Alec, touched on a few subjects including the lack of “values of our world today” including “dishonesty” and “greed”.  It seems that these are very problematic in our world today … just saying!
After the guided meditation and a brief vegetarian snack prepared by Ganga, I stepped outside to chat with some folks from India … Bonnie, Page and another young gent!  The two gents are studying engineering and the young lady is a mother!  Bonnie had made a comment in our chat after the meditation regarding being selfless and personal self belief and “positivity”.  Perhaps, this is what my mother would have emphasized at this point.  Believe in yourself … Trust in The Creator … and don’t take challenges so personally, which is one of my big challenges when things “go wrong” … or not to my liking!  We talked about a woman “Deborah” who had been stabbed multiple times and her body was paralyzed on one side.  Yet, she continued to share her story with audiences on a national circuit sharing her “strength, hope and love” with all who are willing to listen.  I think I need to tune in … Thank you Alec, thank you Ganga … and thank you Bonnie!
In case you’re wondering, sometimes others have that tidbit of encouragement that you may be needing.  Stay open with your heart … and believe!
John I. Cook, Director

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