Friday … the 13th!!!

Friday the 13th black cat


Happy Friday, All!

And you guessed it … A hearty T.G.I.F. to each of us … that would be most appropriate!  What a week!  We had Mother’s Day and now, if I am not mistaken, we are looking at a Friday the 13th!!!  Can’t beat that, right?!  Or can you???  Just joshing around!  I just wanted to thank many of you who take the time to write back when the spirit moves you, though it is not necessary.  For example, Desmond Hannibal of the African American Research Library and Cultural Center in Ft. Lauderdale wrote me back in response to my last e-mail/blog.  His comment was short and sweet … and to the point.  He basically said that he walks in the same shoes as I do … and understands what I am referring to!  At least this way, I know that I am not crazy … or imagining things … as folks would have “you” sometimes believe!  Trust yourself!
Tuesday night, I decided to go see the movie, “Papa Hemingway in Cuba”.  I had always heard different rumors about his life and wanted to see a  more or less authentic documentary type of film.  While watching the film, with Adrian Sparks playing the role of Ernest Hemingway and Joely Richardson, I felt the emotions of the man that many in Cuba called “Papa”.  Giovanni Ribisi played journalist Denne Bart Peitclerc who was renamed “Ed Myers”; he was truly captivated by mayhem and confusion in the world of Papa Hemingway and his wife.  The film was shot in Cuba and directed by Iranian born Bob Yari and required much research and collaboration with the Cuban government as no film had been “shot” there in over 50 years.  The beautiful Minka Kelly played “Myer’s” girlfriend who later became his wife after realizing that “Hem” had taught him a valuable lesson.  “Before you make a decision, be sure you have thought it out well and consider every possible angle.”  Hard to do in most circumstances, but one would fare better if one did do this!!
Anyone afraid of Friday the 13th?!?  I hope not … It is called “triskaidekaphobia” … in case you haven’t heard!  My birthday is July the 13th, and it occasionally falls on a Friday.  One year, I think it was around 1977 or so, we had a “black out” in Westchester County … Downtown White Plains was dark due to an overuse of electricity in the middle of the summer!!  The “black out” extended into some parts of the Bronx, I believe, and there was some looting!  I hope nothing like that happens now … Things are so tight economically that I am sure some folks would do the unthinkable!!  I don’t want to know … I get some crazy ideas myself.  Thanks to my Creator, I know how to let those ideas go … flow into an after thought even!  Mindfulness is important for me nowadays!
In closing, I want to wish you each a wonderful weekend and be the best person you can be … as often as possible!  I appreciate your readership and most definitely welcome any comments that you may have!
John I. Cook, Director

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