Remember Who You REALLY Are!

remember who you are


It’s Tuesday … another day to fulfill your dreams … it seems!  Take advantage of it, for tomorrow is not promised … to ANYONE!  Check your local news if you don’t believe me!

First of all, just a quick correction to my Friday e-mail/blog post … My friend, Vetalle Fusilier’s mother’s birthday … is the same as my father’s birthday, Isaac H. Cook, which is the 4th of July.  So, I stand corrected … once again!  Thanks for being “you”, Vee!  Hoping you all had a chance to spend some time with your Mothers … I missed mine a lot!  So, after spending some time with my friend, John Shelton and his girlfriend, Candy, watching the Cavaliers ball out Atlanta, I drove towards the beach in the FTL.  Had a chance to meditate on my Mother, her unconditional love … the kind that I will probably never experience in my life again … and her teachings … Love you and miss you!  Had to push back a few tears …  Well yesterday at work … the tears started to flow … ever so gently.  I took a break, recited the 23rd Psalm (our favorite) and got back to work!
So, do you know “you”?  This is kind of a rhetorical question though some of us may not be that close to ourselves!  How do you do that?  By spending lots of time with yourself … just like you do when you get to know others.  Same thing goes down when you learn to love yourself, hopefully before you learn to love “others”, too!  As I continue to mature along my journey, I have become comfortable being alone … with myself … digging deep and seeing how I can become more and more in tune with myself and the purpose of MY journey.  Om shanti … shanti … shanti.  Sometimes in this life, we learn to “put up with” and “cope with” all this other stuff … and little time for ourselves …  Many of us like to be surrounded by “others”, and, while I enjoy company, friends and associates, I cherish the time that I find myself alone.  Peace be with me … and you!  Some times, the world labels “us” this … and the world labels us “that”.  Yet, that same world seems to encourage us to be “this” or “that”!  Then, throw obstacle after obstacle at our feet to trip us up.  And, if we fail, it – the world – spits us out and rejects us from society!  How does that make one feel?!?
I don’t know about you, but I return to my core … my spirit, my soul … the real me!  Peaceful and humble, yet maintaining my warrior poses in the event of an onslaught of evil spirits.  We all have to make choices as to whether we will get stressed out over “life” or if we will consider it as one of those “human made conditions” resulting from the type of society we live in.  While we are encouraged to conform to certain norms of behaviour (accumulating wealth, getting involved in the “rat race” and putting your family and friends aside, having that cut throat attitude … to get ahead, for example), we must remember that we are not wired to be such creatures … and still be happy … peaceful … and stress free!
Yesterday, I had some moments of “missing mommy” while at work and “took five” to say the 23rd Psalm (me and my mom’s favorite) to regain my emotional balance.  Do what you have to do … but remember who YOU really are!
Have a great day.
John I. Cook, Director

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