Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!



Happy Friday, All!
Of course, you can join me in a hearty “T.G.I.F.” … if you like!
I have been accustomed to counting my blessings … good health … good friends … and good fortune!  I don’t have to be in control of everything to be happy, so to speak, and the more I mature along this journey, the less I seek to control anything … or anybody … just myself … that’s plenty.  I am excited to get things going to attend my 40th Reunion of the Class of 1976 at Princeton University.  I got the schedule today, and it looks fantastic!  It’s going to be the first break I will have had in a long while now … I could use some fun and frolic … Why not at my Ole Alma Mater – “Old Nassau” – as Princeton is commonly called amongst the Ivy Leaguers?!?
Well, it is Mother’s Day Weekend … and I want to send a very special shout out to my readers who are mothers!  Happy Mother’s Day.  Now, I also want to mention those dads who have been “playing the mother role” very well in their children’s lives – A special “Hats Off Day” for you guys, too!  I know of one person in particular that I wanted to mention … Larry T. Woody … who does it all!!  Congratulations “LT”!
Now, I always get misty-eyed when this time of year rolls around … Mother’s Day and my mother’s birthday is May 20th …. as well as a good friend of mine’s mother’s birthday, Vee Fusilier.  I always ask him to hug his mom for me on Mother’s Day … something we enjoy sharing!  Yet, I can only say that I have the fondest of memories of my mother … her love, her relentless acceptance of “where I was in my life” when I did something stupid.  Shucks, she and my dad were there when I graduated from St. Paul’s in 1972 … and then they showed up again on the scene when I graduated from Princeton University in 1976!  To this day, I try with all my heart, soul and spirit … to make them proud.  I don’t always succeed … but I always have them in mind!
So, for all those mothers out there … both living and expired … Happiest of Mother’s Day … possible!
John I. Cook, Director

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