Perhaps . . . You Are Right Where You Are Supposed To Be!

right where we're supposed to be


Happy Friday, y’all!

Can I get a “T.G.I.F.” from someone?!?  Okay … T.G.I.F.!!!
Well, once again … I am in that gratitude frame of mind again!!  “Why would that be?”, you may ask.  I would answer: “Just because it feels good!”  Choosing to feel happy and grateful … even in the midst of challenges?!?  How revolutionary!!  NOT!  I don’t know if you’ve noticed but without gratitude it is difficult to have faith.  You do know why, right?!?  For without faith, you have nothing to look forward to … nor be grateful for in the future!  Don’t allow unhealthy “thoughts” that foster the “negativity” that doubt and despair depend on flourish in your mind.  Don’t let them into your life … especially in times of trouble when we are most apt to.
Now, I have met many of you in many different places and settings.  Some of you I grew up with in White Plains; others I went to boarding school with and still others I met in college!  Still there are others I have met in my work places and employment … I have even worked with some of you over the years on a personal basis!  And then … there a few of you whom I met once or twice … and at least one person I have never met, Dr. Hurley!  One wonderful couple, the Bozzones, even put me up at their place whilst I struggled with some of my demons … thank you Karen and Steve!  So you all know me in one way or another and have some ideas how I am.  So … you should know … all of you … that I seldom give up.  I struggle hard and I work hard … and I ask for help when I need it!  I share these things … episodes and circumstances included in my life … so that you can gauge how difficult it may be to manage certain situations.  Those who know me … like Jose Wiltshire and Larry T. Woody with whom I attended boarding school and remain in touch with, might wonder why I haven’t gone nuts … or at least robbed a bank!!!!  Like I tell many of my friends and associates, if it weren’t for yoga and meditation … and prayer, I would be locked up!!!  Many of you guys are good friends … like angels, even … thank youse!  You know who you are!
So, when things seem not to add up … in your book … keep in mind, perhaps, that this is right where you and I are supposed to be!


John I. Cook, Director

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