Weather The Storm . . . If You Can …

bowed head


Happy Friday, All!
My …  my … my …. Can it get any more challenging?!?  I think so!!  Yet, when waking this morning to another call telling me, “The apartment is no longer available, sorry!”, it was disheartening.
Yes, yes … and I still have a job … so I am grateful.  Oh … uh … I still have a car, too!  Wow!  Finding a place to live is a full time job, nearly!  On my way in to work, I was listening to the guys on the radio paying tribute to “The Artist formerly known as Prince” who suddenly passed in his recording studio.  But, what a way to go, heh?!?  I still am not ready … but … I, too, can go at anytime!  So, I  choose to weather the storm … and enjoy the moments that I have.
I got some news that my daughter may be coming to Florida  next week.  She has always preferred living here than anywhere else.  Maybe we can both find housing somewhere!!  Once again, I seek the positive and am embracing the fact that she is planning to come.  Of course, I will get to see Caleb Isaac and Ayanna Lynne, grandson and daughter, respectively.  I will keep the faith … for ALL of us!!
So here is a tip for me … maybe for you, too … to weather the storm … if you can.  I keep trying … it’s worth a try!


John I. Cook, Director

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