Take The Bitter With The Sweet!

above the storm


It’s another Tuesday … yes, yes, last week was my daughter’s birthday – Ayanna Lynne.  Today is the birthday of a long time friend, Anja Malis, who lives in Germany!  We have been friends for over 15 years now and stay in touch.  Enjoy your birthday!
You know, it gets hard sometimes … if we try to “keep up with the Jones’s”, if you’ve heard that expression.  Yet, that is what propels the drive to make more and more money and perhaps even invest in the stock market!!  I remember in elementary school, Ridgeway School to be exact, they used to teach us about the stock market … shucks we even “bought” fictitious stock … and followed it to see how it faired in the market!!  It was interesting, though I’ve never really purchased any stock.  One of my childhood friends surprised me with a phone call this past Saturday as I did some work in a friend’s office for her community organization (H.E.R.O.).  He mentioned that another close friend from the Winbrook Projects in White Plains where we ALL grew up was getting married next weekend in Atlanta – that would be Darryl Jenkins, an activist in White Plains with whom I had the pleasure of doing a community broadcast on his program called “Winbrook Pride”, which he directed.
As John and I talked, as the friend who called me is also named (last name Young), I told him of some of my challenges.  He said, “You always got something going on, Cook!”  I chuckled but needless to say, he was accurate in his assessment.  So, I mentioned a goal I had … to attend my 40th Reunion for the Class of 1976 of Princeton University.  I mentioned that I still needed a rental car and a flight (round trip) from Fort Lauderdale to New York, since the reunion is in Princeton.  He checked his “Delta Sky Miles” account, asked me the dates I wanted to travel and told me he would call me back!  When he did, he gave me a confirmation number for my flight to and from New York!  Now, that was a pleasant surprise … indeed.  Thanks so much, John Young!  John was also the best man at my wedding to my daughter Ayanna’s mother, Denise.  We have been friends a long time.  I appreciate his friendship … and his kind gestures, of course.
So, last night, I also decided to call the woman where I was living to see if I had any mail.  Part of the reason she had wanted me to “move” was so that her son who lives in Boston and is suffering from cancer, can come to visit her.  He was supposed to come last Wednesday, but didn’t as he has been given a new schedule for chemotherapy that took him past his time to come visit his mother.  She said that she has everything set up already … and was simply waiting for his arrival.  I wished her well.
In our lives, we must learn to take the “bitter with the sweet”.  Here is a perfect example of this.
I also wish you ALL well!

John I. Cook, Director

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