Count Your Blessings . . . Not Your Problems!

blessings not problems


Happy Friday, y’all!

And as it is customary for me, for a variety of reasons … T.G.I.F.!
I have got to say this NOW … or forever hold “our peace” … should you like to be included.  If you would like to STOP receiving my e-mails, just let me know!  Send the word “STOP” back to me in reply to this e-mail.
Now, I don’t know some of your inner deepest secrets ( I am not going to call them “dark” secrets, that could be taken the wrong way! ) but I am sure some of you may want to be removed, maybe even see me “fail”.  Yep, I said it, ’cause I have no fear of failure … especially if some other “human” is the judge … who has undoubtedly “failed” at some thing in their own life, so … I am not frightened, nor impressed.
There are some developments in my situation that I wanted to mention here.  First of all, my daughter’s birthday was well received by many … I don’t look to see who wished her (or me, for that matter) a Happy Birthday.  Besides, I don’t do what YOU do … I do what I think is right … like wish your “child/ren” a happy birthday, if I know about it when it comes.  I am fluid … I like to flow through this journey called “life”!  Choose your own route.  A new friend of mine, Sabrina, whom I met at the yoga class for “her” first time at LA Fitness, shared a self-help course by a noted speaker and author, Robert James.  He says some things about “each” of our realities that I not only concur with, but have  seen it in my own life … and others lives, too!  He basically stated, that each of us “constructs our own realities” based on the values that we hold dear to ourselves … for whatever reason, either because “society” told us to hold “money” as the most precious thing on Earth or because we were convinced by others and our own life experiences that it should be the most important valuable “thing” for a human to desire ….  Not peace, or truth … nor harmony or love!  Work for money … not for peace …. Do you think that is why we have so many wars and conflicts on Earth?!?
Okay, one more example for us that we all know … parking tickets.  So, we paved the Earth and put things on it where we want like buildings and malls, movie theatres and …. parking spaces.  All of these things are designed to bring greater income to the cities that they are in.  So, if you park your car on the Earth in one of these spaces, you have to pay to park.  And, if you park overtime, the fine is way out of sync with the cost of parking your car … on OUR Earth!  Make sense yet?!?  It shouldn’t.  No penalties for hostile thoughts or a disrespect for harmony or peace.  Make sense …
Finally, in closing, I may have some prospects for a flat somewhere between Boca and Ft. Lauderdale … It should be happening soon.  In case you haven’t heard it lately, I love youse … all of youse … for one reason or another.

John I. Cook, Director

Educational Excellence

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