Happy Birthday, “Squeezy”!

Special Day

It’s Tuesday . . .

And I am still hangin’!!  How’s that for determination?!?  Of course, I couldn’t have done it … or many other things in my life … if it weren’t for good friends!
Let’s start from the top.  I am still employed and our company call center has become like an “elastic laboratory”, as the CEO put it, and we are diversifying into other products!  How happy can a “clam” be!?  I am, needless to say, G.L.A.D.!  When so much comes at you, the best thing to do is stay still … and know that Your Creator is GOD!  I love it when the things that seem so “far out” as we used to say in boarding school, become quite tangible!!  Now, I also got a second call for a telephone interview with another company but they are paying less than what I am making now.  So … we’ll see how another meeting goes today with a “team leader” from that office.  I feel confident.
Now, I also completed my application for “early retirement” when I turn 62 in July … in three months!  I am researching all the nooks and crannies but understand that I can still work but can only make a certain amount of money in addition to the retirement.  Shucks, I might even leave the country again and live abroad … writing and maybe teaching.  Again, I will keep you posted.  A good friend and his “dame” put me up for the weekend on their couch both Friday and Saturday nights!!  How nice it is to have cool friends like that, right?!?  Thanks to John Shelton and his girlfriend, Candy Williams … you guys are the best!  One friend even called me last night to let me know that she had a gentleman whose son just passed away and he might be looking for someone to help him in this three bedroom house!  “One never knows, do one!”
Now, the most important thing for me today … is my daughter’s birthday!!  Happy Birthday, “Squeezed Up Thing”, as I used to call her affectionately, as I used to spend hours hugging her and kissing those full blown cheeks!!  Funny thing is … her son … Caleb Isaac … has the same darn cheeks!!!  She has come a long way on “her journey”, as each of our journeys is different, wouldn’t you agree?!  So, may we NOT judge others as they “paddle” along their life’s river seeking destinations and satiating curiosities that only they may have, perhaps … even others have them and share them with them.  This morning I woke up feeling blessed.  Had a chance to watch the sun rise on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale near Sunrise Blvd.  All I could say was, “Thank you!”  I even get a chance to wish my only child – Ayanna Lynne – a Happy 34th Birthday!
You guys “rock on” today, okay!?

John I. Cook, Director

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