I Am The Storm

Fate vs Warrior


Happy Friday, All!

You bet, I’m gonna do it again, T.G.I.F.!!,  and all that comes with it, y’all!
Life has a way of “throwing” things at us at the most inopportune times … sometimes.  It could be the death of a loved one … or the birth of a grandson …  equally impacting … but in different ways.
Many of us have faced “storms” in our lives.  We would be lying if we said we never had any problems.  Some of the greatest philosophers allude to the fact that “life is a problem … and we must find our own solutions”!  From the time we are born, we are totally dependent upon others for sustenance and love.  Often, our final hours are very much the same.
There are moments when the “storm” seems insurmountable …  Do we succumb?   Or do we find those “solutions”?  Sometimes, as long as we do “the work”, the solutions come.  Yesterday, at the end of the day, we were talking in the office of our “Pot Luck” lunch today to “celebrate” the end of a successful campaign we were assigned by the owner of the business.  The health insurance company we worked for as private contractors was very pleased with our core group’s work.  We didn’t get any specifics on what “Monday” holds for us, in terms of continue employment.  This is how “call centers” work, quite often.  I got a missed call near the end of the day.  When I checked the message, it was an invitation for a second interview with the head of human resources for a company that I had applied to about two weeks ago.  I hadn’t heard anything since then.  I will check it out today.
Another solution I found was to apply for early retirement.  We … well … I’ve heard horror stories of early retirements “gone bad” but that’s what it is for … not to go bad … but to give some relief … even early, if necessary.  So, I went forward with the application.  I had a chance to speak with a woman about it with the Social Security Administration who gave me some information about continuing to work during early retirement.  It sounds like it could be for me.  As far as staying with a friend for a few weeks goes, as I am not certain of my income for the next week … I am not sure!  But I am going to pack up my Jeep Compass and head out on the road tonight after work!  Interesting scenario, heh??
Have you heard the expression or anecdote … or spiritual expression about when “fate” whispered to the “warrior”, that she/he could not withstand the storm?!  I am feeling like that “peaceful warrior” right about now … For, I am the storm!
Thank you all for reading and I do plan to continue my journey through e-mails and the blog.  Stay tuned!

John I. Cook, Director

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