Take THAT!

take it easy


Happy Tuesday, All!
When was the last time that you spoke with someone who is “homeless”??  When was the last time that YOU were homeless??  Now, some folks don’t want to say, that’s their prerogative, but I do say because I like to share “the good, the bad and the ugly” so folks can see how difficult things can be for some of us … in this case, me … and how things get “handled” for lack of a better word.  Am I embarrassed?  No … not for me … but for our society or system … that promises a whole bunch of stuff yet some of us fall “through the cracks” from time to time.  We still continue, trying to do “the right thing”!
 I am in that “jump up in the air, and stay there … until I tell you to come down” state of existence right now.  Thank God that I don’t take problematic things too seriously … or I would probably get myself into trouble.  There is nothing worth “my freedom”, which would be ended quickly if I were to do something drastic … and illegal!  I can see how people get sucked in to “stuff” though … when you try to be the best you can be … things still don’t “add up”, so to speak, and “I” … in this case … start to look like a “loser”!!  Most of the time, “we” jump to conclusions, blaming the victim, as I once wrote a sociology research paper on this, instead of looking at society’s institutions and their lack of “perfection”, or challenges in functioning normally, if you will.  Most of the time, I don’t mind what other people “think” … it is just when they “do” certain things … sometimes when they say certain things in an effort to denigrate a person due to a situation they found themselves in that bothers me most.  The worst occurs when the “victim” starts to blame him or herself!
This past Sunday, I went to the Sun Trust Sunday Jazz Brunch, which is free at the Main Esplanade at the River Walk in downtown Ft. Lauderdale.  I was supposed to meet up with two good friends who are beginning to experience “the empty nest” syndrome as their oldest son, Jamal, whom I have know since he was like 12 or so, is now married and living in Washington, DC with his African wife of two years!  He is doing very well for himself, serving part time in the military on “special assignments” abroad, working as a case manager in DC and is a new husband.  Their daughter, Rashida, whom I used to tutor in Spanish, is finishing her freshman year at St. John’s in New York City.  We missed each other there at the Jazz Brunch, so, we went out together and had a bite to eat at a local Denny’s and gave each other support!  It was great seeing them again … Pearl and Ray Campbell!  You guys have done a great job with your “kids”!
So, at this point, I am bracing myself for the “unknown” and keeping my faith in my Creator.  I will be looking at shifting living arrangements come Friday, maybe staying with a friend from work for a few days … or weeks … I don’t know yet.  We haven’t been informed of “my” next assignment at work … should there be one!  Shucks, I may have to sign up for unemployment or something in the meantime while I take a closer look at “early retirement.  Yet, I hear “life” in the background pursing her lips to say, “Take THAT!” … and I will … planning all the while to get back up!!
Have a great day!

John I. Cook, Director

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