“To Be Or Not To Be . . .”

To Be Or Not To Be


Happy Friday All!

And a big T.G.I.F. to each of youse!!
No matter what life sends you today, embrace it!!  Another one of those “easier said than done” statements.  Yet, no matter what, it’s going to happen!!  How did Shakespeare say it: “To be … or not to be … That is the question?!”
Everybody has got their own take on things, including me and you!  We could be looking at the same painting in a museum and come away with different interpretations of what the artist is “saying”.  We could see the same person on the street, or … in the office … or in a casket … and come away with different “takes” on this person, right?!  Why is that?  Is that freedom?
Most of us say whatever it is that we want to say, some of us do whatever it is that we want to do.  Hardest of all … is to be what you want to be!!  One may say what another should “be” while still another may say what another should “do” … but it’s all up to Y.O.U. … or is it?  We could go on and on with this theme until we all are pretty  much babbling.  I simply try to keep it simple.  As I look back on my life, there are things that I’ve done that I am not so proud of … just sayin’!  Yet, there are things that I have done that I am very proud of!!  How could that be, one may ask?  “That’s life!”
A long time and good friend … even our families are friends … called me last night to give me his take on retiring ….  Now, I have thought about it before, especially as making ends meet nowadays are becoming more and more challenging.  Can I balance the two … reality and what I “want”?!?  It is indeed like many a yoga asana … a balancing act … that gets harder to keep “flowing” as we mature and age.  I would love to do a Hemingway thing and retire someplace and just write every day.  I  know that would be difficult!  Of course, bills still have to be paid, personal effects including doctors and dentists need to be brought into my life … and paid, too!  It is okay to say, to think … even to believe that “Good things are coming my way!”  By jove, many many good things have come my way … it’s just that we can’t keep them … especially in the end!
“To thine own self … be true!”


John I. Cook, Director

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