Don’t Make Me Laugh . . . or Cry!!!

Humor and Hurt


It’s Tuesday …

Well, at least not today, as we had experienced a week ago, it is not so tumultuous.  There was an incredibly cowardly attack on folks … innocent folks … at an airport in Brussels, Belgium … as well as in an underground train (subway) station last week!  ISIS/ISOL has claimed credit for the attacks while the second in command of the terrorist group is said to have been killed by the US Military.  Yet, on Capitol Hill yesterday, a man from Tennessee decided that he wanted to fire a round once trying unsuccessfully to pass a security check point in the Visitor’s Reception area.  Most families came to see the cherry blossoms that appear in D.C. to signal the official coming of Spring in the nation’s capitol but got a glimpse of the nation’s drama as one man even tried to break into the White House!  Both men were arrested and one woman was hit by shrapnel from the shots fired by the disgruntled Tennessee man … no one was seriously injured.  But can you imagine what the people thought when officers ran across that heavily populated area yelling, “Move!  Move!  Move!  Shots fired!”??!!
Now, have you heard the “story” about the panic at Miami International Airport yesterday as people fled from the terminals, others were kept out of the terminal and were backed up outside on the curbside locations … even flights w ere cancelled?!?  Someone had left a bag … a suitcase … unattended … and it was vibrating!!!  Rather than witness what had just taken place last week in Brussels, law enforcement cleared the area near the bag until it was discovered that there was an electrical shaver inside that had unexpectedly turned itself on!!  It is so easy to contemplate … whether to laugh … or cry nowadays.  Humanity almost expects panic and terror, as it has become so much more obviously prevalent, partly due to mass media … and partly due to “crazies” … and some near innocent mishaps!
When do we laugh?!  When do we cry?!  Some of you may remember that I wrote about my employment situation, even asking for folks to help me out getting to my 40th Anniversary at Princeton University for Memorial Day Weekend.  Yeah, so the office where I work is one of the places now facing closing.  It happens a lot everywhere, but it seems to be happening more in SoFlo I guess because I live here.  I looked around the office, even asking managers and employees alike … “What’s happening to the company?”  No one seems to know.  My assignment ends in a few days and we have mixed reviews as to if it will continue … most think not!  The other “side” of the office where I worked for nearly two years marketing diabetic supplies and pain creams have been told that they have maybe three more months!!  Do we laugh or do … we cry?!?  Or do we turn to a life of crime?!?  Not interested.  I have been homeless for a short period of time before and have eaten at soup kitchens and churches, even been fed on Ft. Lauderdale Beach by different groups of kindhearted folks.  I have been applying for another job for the past few months … as many of us … especially the young brothers with children, maybe even a “baby’s momma” around!  We talk it up during breaks, keep doing our work like “clockwork”, and as for me, I am fortunate enough now to still have my yoga.  Shucks, I even went to Calvary on Easter Sunday for a basic service though many of us had gotten used to having a university stadium in Boca Raton, FL as our location for Calvary’s Easter Celebration!!  Not this year … keeping it real!  I try to stay balanced … just in general … and am always with my eyes and ears open for the next opportunity for employment!  Does anyone want to help out with the round trip airfare and rental car for my Graduation Anniversary?!?  Should I do a “Go Fund Me” account/page.  Of course, I would be okay if I didn’t go … I should live through it … just sayin’!
So, as we move forward … in our families and groups of friends, neighborhoods and communities … we see some folks just “helping others out”!  Others have panicked and frustrated themselves and entered a life of crime.  May we try to keep our balance, as many of my yoga practises suggest – the ying and the yang – are all part of human life … perhaps, parts of life, in general, for any living thing.  Again, I reach out to each of you, as I sometimes do with my daughter and her baby boy Caleb Isaac.  I just want you guys to know I appreciate you each very much … and as I told Ayanna … “I love you”!
John I. Cook, Director

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