Celebrate The Resurrection

John 1125


Happy Friday, y’all!

I think we can all agree on a T.G.I.F. … pray for peace in Brussels and elsewhere …
These are the times that try “human’s” souls!  What can we do with our world today?  Is it too late to save it?  How can we save it?
I find peace and solace in different ways.  I like peace and solace … probably more than anything … other than food!!  Us humans need that fuel to continue along our journeys.  What other things do we need?  Do “we” have too much of anything?  Should we share it?  Is it something material … or is it spiritual?  Is it life sustaining?  Our society, with its Western roots, if you will, focuses a lot on material things … trains and bridges … skyscrapers and sports complexes … towns and cities, even!  Do we need a spiritual balance?  Is that important, too?
For me, The Jesus Story is one that tries to put the need for spirituality into its proper perspective.  I could be wrong, but everything in our world today has a “physical” appeal … It is pretty, or … it is big … or it is colorful, or long or short … fat or skinny … These are all physical characteristics.  Can a business be peaceful or honest?  Does it matter, given our business principles?  Do we hoard peace or honesty … maybe understanding?  Can we get enough of “those things”?
Okay, I’ve gone on a bit, perhaps … too far for some of us.  Maybe it is completely ridiculous for others of “us”.  My only point here is that maybe we could learn something more about ourselves … travel inside a bit more … reach for some spirituality even … during this Easter/Resurrection Celebration.  Of course, we will each do as we want, and that is our individual privilege and right to do so!  Values like humility and conflict resolution don’t get much “play” in the media.  I look at some friends responses and replies on social media and most of it focuses on acquisition of things, the power of things … stuff like, “Why doesn’t the president blow up this group or fight with that group?!?”  Very few themes supporting our POTUS’s efforts to tear down barriers and seek understanding and peaceful resolution of things!  Maybe those things are important, too!  What about YOU?
John I. Cook, Director

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