The Passion of The Christ

Passion of Christ


Howdy, Folks!

It’s Tuesday, the first few days of Spring have arrived as of Sunday; weather is changing in different places and we even have a cold snap in the mornings for a few days in South Florida!  I am still “weathering” my own storms … In fact, they got so “challenging”, I took it to Calvary Chapel on Sunday … just to hear about hope, revival … resurrection … and EASTER!  You know, it happens to “the best of us”.  Sometimes we want to talk about it, sometimes we don’t.  Whatever your choice is, if you are human, you definitely THINK about it.
I am glad that my parents, Mary and Big Ike, brought me up in the Baptist Church … it still helps give me some stability in tough times.  Needless to say, in good times, I often find myself saying the simplest of prayers – Thank You!  Last night I had the pleasure of presenting a “workshop” to parents of some of the youth in the Broward Sheriff’s Office Community Justice Program.  Not only did I come away with a deeper understanding of what parents face with their “children” nowadays, who seem to grow up overnight and even challenge their parents to “touch them” … and they will call the police, but I also developed a greater understanding of the “Program” run by a long time friend of Educational Excellence whom I met some years ago while she was studying counseling and behavioral psychology.  Kudos to you Nicole Valencia Mercado.  Thank you so much for giving ME these opportunities!  I learned a lot last night as I listened to the parents speak on different issues once I had finished my presentation.
These are some tough times we are living in, values have gone to the wayside and everyone has their own particular “challenges”, be it personally, physically, spiritually … and of course, financially.  With all of that weighing down on “us”, we are often in need of a daily “resurrection of sorts”.  Coupled with my yoga practise, meditation and my work with Educational Excellence, which is strictly volunteer nowadays, I find attending a non-denominational service adds to my fortitude and love.  Now I know many of us will be talking about the “Easter Bunny”, commercialized as Easter has become.  But please don’t miss the important points set forth in some organized religions, like the “Passion: Live” done Sunday night with narrator Tyler Perry.
Please don’t think that “you” or “me” are beyond the necessity of a “revival/resurrection” of sorts.  In listening to the parents last night, I could hear their frustrations with a nearly “double standard” of parenting, as we live in a society that emphasizes “personal liberty” over love and peace … before truth and honesty … not to mention humility and understanding.  We jump to criticize each other rather than do as the “old church” philosophy suggests, taking care of one another.
John I. Cook, Director

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