Dem Clowns Is Gettin SCARY!

clown runs for pres


It’s Tuesday, y’all!  “Super Tuesday” … in particular here in the State of Florida … where the Republican Clowns set up for their “4 Ring Circus”!  Did you ever think you would see the day when an outright “racist” is allowed to run for the highest office in this democratic nation?!?  You see, it was funny when you heard Marco Rubio start every “speech” with: “When I become president, I am going to undo everything that Barack Obama put into place!” … until even he realized that it takes more to become president of this Nation.  It was funny to hear Chris Christie and even Dr. Ben Carson “toot their own horns” even though they were the ONLY ones in their bands until …. Donald Trump wasn’t sure if he wanted to denounce Ku Klux Klansman, Duke!!  Now, sh@t ain’t so funny no more!
It was almost funny … but a bit scary … when Trump’s rallies become more and more confrontational until some people had had enough of his racist, ignorant, “self righteous” bigotry!  It wasn’t funny anymore when a Trump supporter, an old white man of maybe 75 years of age, sucker punched an African American man being peaceful as he was escorted out of a Trump rally.  It damn sure wasn’t funny when Trump offered to pay the man’s legal fees!!!  Then, both he and Trump . . . alluded to the fact that if this were “the olden days”, the African American protestor might be killed!!   Freakin’ imbecile, that he is …. thinks his “stolen” money can buy anything … even an election while he “trumps” around in his private plane at his private golf course in Palm Beach, Florida talking about everybody except his own “momma”!!  Sh@t’s scary now, y’all!!!  And he is so arrogantly ignorant that he still blames Bernie Sanders for the “slug-like” racists who follow him around like dumb ducks quacking the same noise that Looney Tunes Trump does!  It ain’t funny no more!  Other countries are even talking about NOT welcoming him within their borders, damn wanna be POTUS.  How funny it was … how stupid the Republicans are … how that a madman has taken the lead in their own party’s presidential nomination race?!!
Does this situation shed any light on the “ignorance” of many Americans who actually go out and support this character?!?  Unequivocally Y.E.S. … dumb A$$ morons!  He even goes as far, Trump that is, to say” “We love the poorly educated!!”  Who is proud of hearing such an unsophisticated insult?!!  And all the GOP candidates thought Obama was the problem!!  I bet they wish someone L.I.K.E. Obama was in their “camp” who is probably the only one who CAN take Trump on!!!  Be careful what you wish for … you might get “Trump” for president … and he’ll sell us to the highest bidder!!  That is NOT funny …
Vote wisely!


John I. Cook, Director

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