Do YOUR Weekend, Y’all!

street fair


Happy Friday, y’all!

I will do it until I can’t do it “no more”!  T.G.I.F.!
It’s the weekend, Baby!  What are you going to do?!?  Shucks, if you live in SoFlo, though there will be people from all over to Miami’s  World’s Largest Street Festival – “Calle Ocho”, in Little Havana, you already have an idea.  Spring Breakers are breaking into town everywhere!  They are filming the new “Bay Watch” between Deerfield Beach and Miami’s South Beach these past few weeks.  In fact, a real life guard actually saved some of the actors in the movie as they got caught up in a rip tide and almost drowned!  Can you say, “Life is just a moment … you’d better enjoy it!”?  That is the title of an old fusion jazz tune from my college days by Roy Ayers!  The good thing was that while at Princeton, I made sure I enjoyed myself … playing freshman basketball, going to concerts from jazz to psychodelic funk … even landing a spot disc jockeying a “jazz”/funk/avant garde type of music that even  some of the alumnae called in to say they enjoyed some of the shows!
I know we’ve all heard the expression: “Just Do YOU!!” … or something like that!  After 3 years at a boarding school in New Hampshire from 10th grade to 12th, my yearbook read: “Be yourself, because you are you!”  Now, I studied every darn thing from Spanish to “The Ethics of Violence and Non-Violence” and read books like “The Pedagogy of the Oppressed” by Paulo Freire.  So I know how to read and pass courses … even write papers, junior papers and a senior thesis.  I almost grew tired of the stuff because I took some of it almost personally … like I could really change anything while being given a scholarship to study there.  Of course, I did some bad stuff, I wasn’t perfect, but I was basically a good guy, sometimes a leader … and definitely an adventurer.  I graduated cum laude in English, Spanish and religion … I knew what I was talking about a bit then, too.  I was “me”, but that place helped to develop the “me” away from home at an all boys boarding school.  Other than the classroom and the woods, my favorite place was the gym!  I haven’t changed much ’cause that was “me”.  I even had the pleasure of meeting a fine person, he and his wife, Coach Maurice Blake who was my football coach, and my basketball coach as well as the athletic director there at St. Paul’s.
I’ve done stuff since then … good stuff … and bad stuff … paid my dues … damn I have.  And still keep my head up … thinking and acting as positive as I can.  I have gotten through some tougher times than these, which is what keeps me faithful.  Yet, I know that it wasn’t just “me”.  In fact, it was some of y’all … probably driven by our Creators to link us up bringing out a spiritual friendship, perhaps …  Maybe not.  YOU KNOW … what YOU are!!  You know how you can make yourself better, maybe … Maybe not.  So, enjoy your weekends being “YOU”, include the good things … don’t be embarrassed … it’s okay to be nice, with restraint!  We all have good in us!
Have a great weekend!
John I. Cook, Director

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