Don’t Abandon Your Dreams!

abandoned house


Happy Hump Day, Y’all!

Alright … so … it was Sunday morning and I was feeling way under the weather … I mean, sinus congestion, body aches and the likes!  It was one of those mornings when I didn’t want to even leave home, just wanted to hunker down and get to feeling better.  So, since I wasn’t up to heading over to Calvary Chapel to hear “the word”, I turned on Joel Osteen’s televangelist program.  It was just what I needed to hear!
Many of you know how long I have been at keeping Educational Excellence going … blogs and e-mails and an occasional motivational talk when given the opportunity.  And Joel started talking about “not giving up on your dreams”, no matter how buried they appear to have gotten!!  Don’t lose faith in your dreams, they may be transformed to better suit “your” needs and they may not be as lofty as “you” had once anticipated.  After all, some of the best intention people don’t have “lofty” goals!  Enter Gandhi … or King … shucks, even Mother Theresa!!!
So, I will have an opportunity to speak with the parents of the youth that I spoke with for the Community Justice Program sponsored by the Broward Sheriff’s Office and Mrs. Nicole Valencia Mercado next weekend.  I am excited to be a part of yet another platform in reaching out to the community here.  There are so many “Big Boys”, like Alonzo Mourning of the Miami Heat who has a powerful program in Overtown, FL!  Last weekend, they had a basketball event with the “Black Lawyers” for the area who played for and entertained the youth there in Overtown.  It was successful, and, the youth there really really appreciated the work that Mourning and the Overtown Youth Center do for the local youth.  There can never ever be enough done to bolster the “Stop the Violence” Movements … world-wide, but definitely not here in our “own backyards”!  May we keep in mind that while humility and the “desire to give back” is  not very common amongst “The Biggest Boys”, like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, who are unique not only because they figured out one of the “keys to capitalism” and have amassed great wealth, but also because they have huge hearts for “others”!
I still have plans for my third book … before I die … though I hope I can adjust and manipulate my “life” to fit it in soon.  This is another one of my dreams that I shall not abandon.  Do you have any such “wishes” or dreams?!  Don’t abandon them … unless your Creator decides it is to be abandoned … You’ll be able to tell the difference!  Have a wonderful day.

John I. Cook, Director

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