“Jafrica”??!! … or National Youth Violence Prevention Week 4/8/2016

stolen by hate


Happy Friday, All!
I’ve got to let you know again …. T.G.I.F.!  There, I said it!
Waking up this morning is a blessing … things to do, places to go – like work, and people to see.  Oh yeah, and bills to pay! Ha ha ha ha!  Can’t forget those bills, right?!?  Life’s journey continues in our world today, again thanks to My Creator whom I choose to call God today!  Grateful for life?!?  That’s right?  I have spoken with people while doing my job that said that they wished they were dead!!!  These were usually senior citizens whose partners had passed … or they had some serious terminal illnesses.  Yet, there were many many more who are cancer survivors, survivors of some serious car accidents or suffering from other very serious health issues!  These folks didn’t take their lives for granted and were very grateful to be alive … like me … today.  Yet, I don’t have any serious health issues either, again, thank My Creator!
Have you ever wondered where some people get the gall to open their mouths and say things like: “Look at the size of his hands?!?  You know what they say about people with small hands, don’t you?!?”  Those are the words of a presidential candidate of THIS country in remarks about another presidential candidate who had attacked said candidate verbally … over and over!  “Send in the clowns!”  As much as people say about President Obama, I don’t think we can find ANYTHING like this that he has said … ever … about anyone for any reason!  I wonder how the supporters explain to themselves, let alone their children, how they can believe in any candidate for POTUS who talks like this from a public platform!!  Some people say anything!!  Enter Donald Trump … and the rest of those clowns!!  Exception was Kasaich.
Have any of you heard of “Jafrica”??  It is a name given to a movement staged by relatively young white kids from Jackson, Mississippi in which they would go out … hunt for homeless or isolated African Americans … and hideously kill them … in Jackson, the capitol of Mississippi!  It all came to a head after their were finally witnesses and enough evidence to convict 3 of the “gang members” to 50 years in jail for the senseless murder of James Craig Anderson, a married African American male who stood outside of his job in March 2011 in the early hours of the morning.  There was a trail of “black corpses” strewn across Jackson that led back to this racist gang, which included 3 young white girls, who had come to Jackson under this “Jafrica” cry to kill black people!  Anderson’s partner, James Bradfield, said that Anderson’s young son still slept in the bed with him for fear of the gang coming to “get him”!
Some people say anything … as if they are perfect … hurting others with their word and deeds … and often times committing atrocities like these “white kids”.  There must be some intervention, some motivational speakers to talk to “white kids”, too, to discourage this type of thinking and behaviour.  It is indeed sick, to say the least; unacceptable and intolerable.  Reach out when you can to the youth of All races as we prepare for the first National Youth Violence Prevention Week sponsored by S.A.V.E., Students Against Violence Everywhere  on April 8th, 2016.

May we learn to live in peace,

John I. Cook, Director

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