Change’s Gonna Come!

rumi change


It’s Tuesday … the week got off to a great start for me!!  Some of you probably had the day off … I didn’t … but I am cool with that, too!

I have been dealing with some issues … additional employment … like with “Uber” who turned me down due to an accident I had on my way from my other “garage flat” in Hollywood!  The trooper charged me with causing the accident and said on the ticket that I was a “careless driver” … even though the two cars in front of me literally STOPPED in the third lane as I was changing lanes from the second to the third and realized that they were STOPPED … I bumped into the back of a car in front of me … and drove him into the back of the vehicle that had just STOPPED in front of him … because another vehicle had STOPPED in front of her!!!  Are you dizzy yet?!?  I hired some fantastic attorneys – Unger & Kowitt – who got the case dismissed.  But Uber’s background check company only had what the trooper had reported, not the final disposition of the case.  So, … I won’t be driving for Uber.  Now, I am looking to get a few students to tutor through a couple of agencies.
In my personal life, I have been juggling a few things … nothing serious … but  nothing to be overlooked, if you know what I mean.  It is “there” and cannot be overlooked.  I needed some solace so I went to service at Calvary Chapel on Sunday … for Valentine’s Day … since I didn’t have a “real” Valentine.  It was just what I needed … unexpected but greatly appreciated!!  I needed some spiritual reinforcement ’cause things aren’t bad, yet I am wondering why “things” aren’t getting “better” … maybe … faster … Hmmm … Just wondering.  So, the best place I could think of was just going to listen to someone else … someone spiritual … who may be able to relate to what I was feeling … I went to the right place!!  Calvary Chapel!!
The pastor who spoke told his “story” of how he came to find his “God”!  He was leaving Boston several years ago, had invited a friend to go with him on his drive to Florida, picked up some “drugs” … that’s what he said … and headed to South Beach!  He told us Sunday during service, that he stopped before entering a tunnel/toll onto I-95 in Boston on this same day and realized that his whole life would change as a result of this move for him.  His life did indeed change, he said, when they got to South Beach, ran out of drugs and had to figure out their “next move”.  After “floundering around”, toying with getting clean and sober, he came to a church he had heard about in Ft. Lauderdale.  It was called Calvary Chapel … and the pastor speaking that day when “Billy” accepted Jesus as his Lord and savoir at the end of service … was Pastor Bob Coy …  The rest is history, for his life did change!
So I got  my inspiration from that service though I have my own concept of “the divinity” many people call God, whom I also call My Creator … that energy that must have been present when I was conceived.  I understood where Pastor Billy was coming from … and even put it into perspective with the “Pastor Bob” story.  I hadn’t really been back to Calvary since he “stepped down”.  I had to digest what happened, heal some … and then “hurt” enough to go back and check things out.  Glad I did … it was Valentine’s Day … and I fell in love with myself … again!

John I. Cook, Director

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