May We Be Cool!

be cool


Happy Friday, All!

Some days, I have to keep telling myself, “You got this, bro’!”  I mean, it gets tough “out here”, y’all!!!  Some of you might know what I am talking about!!  It doesn’t get easier day to day, though I see some folks having successful events in their lives.  I am happy for youse!  I don’t complain too much … mostly observe and explain … not complain … but I do observe!
Yes, it is still Black History Month … some folks say we shouldn’t have a “Black History Month” because there is no “Jewish History Month” nor “White History Month” … but … you can read between the lines to see why there aren’t any such months if you are intelligent enough.  Yes, I am calling some folks out here … ’cause some folks like to compare apples to oranges … even though the juice is different.  Okay, need some help?!?  African Americans … once called “Negroes” then “blacks” were once slaves in THIS country.  How many ethnic groups can make that claim … or WANT to make that claim?!?  I heard through the grapevine that earlier colonial settlers tried to used the Native Americans as slaves but were outsmarted by many of them because they knew the land better than their European “settlers”.
Often, people misunderstand spiritual people like “yogis” or people who meditate and seek a “higher understanding” of things … those of us who put humanity FIRST!!  We … or … er uh … I am NOT a pushover … no one can walk all over me … disrespect me … nor should they “touch” me physically.  I usually try to walk away from a physical confrontation, not only because I don’t want to be “sucked in” to losing my temper but because I can’t “fight” like I used to.  I haven’t had to channel my “Muhammad Ali” in many many years.  I don’t enjoy “hand to hand” combat though I am not sure what I would REALLY do if someone touched me inappropriately!  I don’t really want to know … so … I avoid ALL such situations at ALL costs!!  Don’t forget that many people who were experts in the “martial arts” are those who have captured their “chi” and learned how to channel it to defend themselves.  They … nor I … are not “wusses” … just people who PREFER a peaceful existence.
So, just when you think you are losing it … just try to be “cool” … don’t be no fool … just be cool!

John I. Cook, Director

Educational Excellence

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