I Didn’t See All That!



Happy Hump Day, All!

Nothing like arriving at the middle of the week for me … especially after a couple days of uphill stuff at work!  I am starting to like the “no pressure” Monday mornings for the e-mail and the blog!  It gives me a day to clear my head and get through Monday … Monday, Monday … and I had a tough one yesterday at work, too!!  We got through it though, me and my Creator!
So, the Super Bowl 2016 – the 50th one at that – had so much drama involved that I just have to comment … make an observation or two, at least.  As far as Cam Newton is concerned, I view him as a “younger, up and coming athlete” who has to become more seasoned … more humble even!  Why?!?  Just because it takes time to become a veteran at something … anything … just spending time “on the cross”, so to speak.  Peyton Manning has done just that!  He has been around the game of football so long, that he has “earned his stripes”.  Cam has to develop the temperament of “a champion” gradually, because he is of this “new breed” of young folks, an African American male at that and is  judged even more “harshly”.  Some of us may remember when Peyton Manning refused to shake the hands of the Saint’s team after losing in the Super Bowl of 2010 … not many people made much of it!!  Remember?!?  So, Cam is in his “developmental stages” of becoming another historical figure in NFL Football.  It’s going to take some time … Cam has to be patient with “the process” and critics, though their very nature is to “criticize”, must GIVE him time, too!  Now one former Bronco Bill Romanoski even went so far as to call Cam Newton, NFL quarterback of Super Bowl 50 … “boy” in a now removed tweet!  It read: “You’ll never last in the NFL with that attitude.  The world doesn’t revolve around you, boy!”   Some critics just don’t know how to say stuff … without interjecting some personal hostilities as Romanoski entered his racist rhetoric into the “game”!
Speaking of critics, may we consider former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani  and his critique of choreographer, dancer and singer, Beyonce Knowles and her dancers’ incredible half time performance.  Yes, Rudy, they had on Black Panther “influenced” gear and wore Afros below their black berets, but … they are entertainers … and it’s Black History Month … may we express “our” pride through song and dance … or did the “Black Panther” memory bother you as much as the memories of black people hanging from trees, getting blown up in churches … or castrated for not obeying “mas’sa”?!? That double standard thing permeates our society so much that many of us hardly notice our OWN bias.  It is not okay and we need to “check” ourselves before we start “checking” others or … at least do it simultaneously so we can get a clearer picture of what’s REALLY going on.  I like to try to be balanced in my approach to things, including my understanding of things, though I know it doesn’t matter much in certain sectors of our society.  Look at the political campaigning, speeches, slander matches … down to talking about people’s mothers and stuff!  Can you believe what Trump said about Jeb Bush?!?  Big “smack” talkin’ Trump!!
“Smack talkers” are usually cowards or bullies … take your pick … and usually get a charge out of some “negativity” heaped upon someone ELSE dealing with a difficult situation … often quite heartless creatures!  May we try to maintain a balance in our perception of things … besides … the “kids” are watching us!
John I. Cook, Director

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