Try To Do The Right Thing!

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Happy Friday, y’all!!  I am back on a Friday … couldn’t resist dropping “by” to say T.G.I.F.!!

Yes, I have to say thanks to my Creator for being here another year!  Many of us take things for granted … like waking up in the morning … eyes working and our hands and feet moving!  One of the main reasons that I enjoy yoga so much is that you have a chance to explore your body and how the parts function … and experience appreciating the essence of “you”!  Some folks, I believe, if they really took a good look at themselves … as if observing as a “third party”, so to speak, would be deeply troubled at what they see!!
It is important for ME … to do the right thing … the right thing … be respectful, proud and humble at the same time!  We have a pose in yoga called “humble warrior”.  Interesting concept, right?!  Imagine the pose!??  Requires discipline while assuming a humble posture!  You see we have so much going on in our lives that many of us are going “nuts”!  I turned on the news when I came in from work last evening to change into my gym clothes to work out and heard a discussion on Marco Rubio’s shoes!!!  Oh, sorry, they were “boots”!!  So much speculation on how much they cost because they had big heels and made Rubio look taller!!  Even he, though I disagree with his position and comments on Obama’s “gun control” executive order, that when he – Rubio – gets into office, he will personally REMOVE Obama’s order to require ALL gun sales to have a background check on EVERY buyer!  Here is a perfect example of how, based on our experiences and perspective on the experiences we have … or witness, we take a particular position on an important social issue as “gun control”!  If someone had a child who was shot and killed by a crazed gun person, they would probably take one  stance on this issue as opposed to a family member of a gun manufacturer, or a person who has been robbed at gun point, or deeply fears being burglarized.  It depends on ones’ life circumstance as to what issue we “choose” to support or adopt … or oppose.
Here in Ft. Lauderdale, a Broward Sheriff’s Deputy was  applauded by his co-deputies a few days ago as he left the courtroom after pleading not guilty to the killing of Gerald McBean, a 33 year old African American male, who carried an air rifle down the street, with a head set on.  The deputy claimed that McBean did NOT comply with his ORDER to put the gun down.  Of course, the deputy didn’t know it was an air rifle, and, one “official’s” comment was:  “This is not a racial issue!  This is about a deputy killing a man who threatened the safety of our community!”  Still another comment at the court house was, “We shouldn’t be applauding ANYONE or ANYTHING.  It is unfortunate that Mr. McBean lost his life and the Grand Jury will decide the fate of the deputy.  That’s it!  No need to celebrate ANYTHING!”
It is hard for some people to be “balanced” in their lives.  Some folks actually seek drama and mayhem while others don’t take much personally … unless it IS personal … and maintain a better balance in their lives than the “drama-driven” people.  Of course, that is when you just may become the target of their anger which comes from the fact that they cannot maintain a balance in their own lives … so, they they seek to disrupt YOUR balance … even … selfish buggers!!  So do something … the RIGHT thing … to help balance yourself and your behaviour.  In the heat of the moment, you could make a WRONG decision … hurting someone … even your self … to irreparable depths.
John I. Cook, Director

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