Meditations On A New Year . . .



Yep!  It’s Tuesday and I’ve had a chance to marinade in the events – both physical and spiritual – of the New Year!  Really, I had a blast over the Christmas and New Year’s Eve festivities!  I like to hang out … so I did!  There were moments when the crowds of downtown Fort Lauderdale were overwhelming.  I hung out because I like people … not necessarily drunk ones … but those who know how to have a good time and then go home without any drama!!  Yep, that’s what I like … so … hung out!

I didn’t make any specific New Year Resolutions … but I did decide to steer myself in a certain direction … and do things that I really need to as I mature through this journey.  One thing I am working on now, due to a suggestion by a fellow classmate of the Class of ’76 from Princeton University, Lloyd Lawrence, Esq., is attending my 40th ReUnion.  Now, believe it or not, I often get criticized for graduating from an Ivy League University!  I get challenged on my current job where some of the managers who did NOT attend college … or dropped out … try to “prove” that a graduate of Princeton is “nothing” … that’s right … I said NOTHING!  I have other people in my “circle of contacts” who try to hint to me that it is NOT important that I graduated from an Ivy League University … since I am  not rich or just hinting that my whole life is based on having graduated from Princeton!!!!  All I can say is that I am glad that I had the parents that I DID … instead of some of these overly critical characters!!   Thanks Marietta Dolores and Isaac Henry Cook (RIP)!
Yes, I am planning to be a lot calmer, this year, work even more on myself, both physically as my body matures, and spiritually as I attempt to deal with people that I come into contact with whether it be a parking aide giving me a parking ticket or a colleague seeking to “push my buttons” … just because I am PEACEFUL and that I am an advocate for PEACE!  Those of you who know me … know that I am no stranger to violence … I know how to handle myself in that arena, too … but I don’t like who I become – callous, selfish, unconcerned with whom I may hurt and what damage it may cause in my own life down the road a bit.  I prefer being peaceful, harmonious, cooperative … yet, having NO FEAR of ANYONE or ANYTHING!  “Be like water, my friend, be like water!”, as Bruce Lee once suggested!
I cling to hopes that less friends and associates will expire this year, though I know more will.  I appreciated so many friends who reached out to wish me a Happy Holy Day season as I did them, in one way or another!  It is heart-warming for me, being a single adult with  no family members “near by”.  It filled a void of “comradery” which I also enjoy tremendously … as I said before … just being around “good, peaceful, harmonious people”!  This is why I enjoy my yoga classes so much … No one is competing with another, no one is trying to put the other person (yogi) “down” because they are busy working on themselves and their OWN issues rather than thinking about how they can “push my buttons” and meddle in MY life affairs … usually negatively, of course!  I will get rid of “people, places and things” that no longer serve my growth and happiness.  I will seek to be more spiritual.   I hope that’s okay with most of you.  But … if it is not, that is not my problem anyway.

John I. Cook, Director

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