Pray for Freddie Gray! aka “Stop the Violence”!

twisted pistol


Hello All!  I’ve got to do it, as always on this day, T.G.I.F.!  Whoopie!  (And NOT Goldberg either! lol!)

Well, well, well . . . another “snafu” in the criminal justice system … when it comes to Mr. Gray!!  Do we ever wonder “why”??  A man was killed on the streets of NYC by an officer … he wasn’t charged!  We all could see the officer’s knee on the side of the man’s head … he freaking killed him … Eric Garner … for refusing to be “manhandled” for peddling loose cigarettes on those “mean streets”!  “NOT GUILTY”!  Officer Darren Wilson was also not charged after fatally shooting Michael Brown multiple times with a supposed “eye witness” whose identity is so obscure … some even doubt that the woman was even there!  But according to her, Brown lunged at Wilson … which no one saw in the video …  Have we had enough yet?!?  Okay, let’s go back a year to 2014 … that dreadful day when LaQuann McDonald was gunned down first … then shot 16 more times while laying motionless on the ground!!  Is this what folks are calling a “hero”?!?  Try “racist coward” … maybe that would fit over this sick person’s ugly behavior!!!  Did LaQuann touch the officer???  Why did they wait so long to release the darn video?!?  Finally, when the video was released a year later, it took a few more days for the Chicago Police Department’s “top cop”, police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, to be forced to step down by the new mayor, Mr. Emmanuel.  While the City of Chicago paid McDonald’s family $4.1 million, the public outcry after the video was released forced the two, Emmanuel and McCarthy, to face off as the “dirty laundry” of the historic corruption in Chicago’s Police Department was “aired” and multiple cover-ups and “codes of silence” were discovered!!  Are these your “heroes”????
So, now, we have 5 more officers who will stand trial for the death of Baltimore’s Freddie Gray while in police custody.  Can we expect a bunch of mistrials to occur here, too?!?  I mean, as a “black man”, it appears that there is an open season on “us” amidst all of the other gun violence taking place in this country.  But even people like MLK, Jr. and Gandhi spoke the truth when  their non-violent movements embraced the fact that if this type of violence is happening to one person, one group of people … it can happen to ANYONE and ANY GROUP of PEOPLE!
When you get a chance today … if you’ve a heart anyway … Pray for Freddie Gray!
John I. Cook, Director

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